Sirhan Sirhan: In His Own Words

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Shortly after
midnight on June 5, 1968, Robert Kennedy was shot, The New York
Times headlining:

is Dead, Victim of Assassin; Suspect, Arab Immigrant, Arraigned;
Johnson Appoints Panel on Violence"

Sirhan Sirhan
was the alleged assassin, convicted, and serving a life sentence
at (no pun intended) Pleasant Valley State Prison, CA, despite convincing
evidence of his innocence.

In his October
17, 2008 article "The Assassinations of the 1960s as ‘Deep
Events,’ " Peter Dale Scott discussed the killings of both
Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King, saying:

"The more
that I look at these deep events comparatively, ranging over the
past five decades, the more similarities I see between them, and
the more I understand them in the light of each other."

With respect
to both Kennedys and King, official accounts obscured the events,
suppressed key facts, enough to question the guilt of the alleged
suspects, concealing the real culprits and why men of this stature
were assassinated – what Scott called "some continuing
and hostile force within our society…"

In his June
13, 2010 article titled, "JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed
Them, The Patsies that Didn’t," James Fetzer debunked the official
accounts, saying:

are looking at staged events that fit into a recurrent pattern
in US and world history where innocent individuals (or ‘patsies’)
are baited and framed for cover-up purposes," RFK’s killing
"in part intended to prevent a reinvestigation into his brother’s
death….The assassinations of RFK and JFK were both conspiracies.
Both involved the destruction of evidence. Both involved the fabrication
of evidence. Both involved framing their patsies. Both involved
complicity by local officials. Both involved planning by the CIA.
Both were used to deny the American people (their) right to be
governed by leaders of their own choosing." Both put a myth
to the rule of law, judicial fairness, and democratic freedoms.

Both crimes
and MLK’s assassination eliminated figures dark American forces
wanted silenced, blaming innocent "patsies" for the killings,
Sirhan Sirhan for RFK’s. Fetzer’s article explains numerous important

  • multiple
    shots targeted him, more "than could have come from Sirhan
    Sirhan’s gun" that was also the wrong caliber;
  • "RFK
    was shot behind the right ear from about 1.5 inches, but Sirhan
    was never that close and always in front of him;"
  • the coroner
    and LAPD reports were contradictory;
  • LAPD "engaged
    in massive destruction of evidence from the pantry of the hotel
    because ‘it would not fit into a card file,’ " as part of
    an official cover-up to blame Sirhan for a state-sponsored assassination,
    evidence suggesting CIA involvement in both Kennedy brothers and
    MLK killings;
  • Sirhan’s
    gun was a ".22 caliber, eight-round revolver (serial number
  • he "emptied
    his weapon from a location in front of Bobby Kennedy;"
  • Dr. Thomas
    Hoguchi’s autopsy "showed RFK was hit by four bullets, all
    of which were fired from behind at upward angles;

  • five others
    were wounded by separate shots;"
  • as many
    as 13 shots were fired;
  • Dr. Noguchi’s
    autopsy "did not point to Sirhan as the killer;"
  • an eyewitness,
    DeWayne Wofler, "testified that the bullets fired at RFK
    had come from an entirely different gun," not Sirhan’s;
  • a security
    guard, Eugene Cesar, standing right behind RFK, had a drawn gun
    of the same caliber as the murder weapon; it was never examined
    nor was he charged; and
  • "a
    woman in a polka dot dress" left the scene hurriedly, "shouting,
    "We shot him! We shot him! We shot Kennedy!"

In their book,
Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
, Jonn Christian and William
Turner made a convincing case "indicting Cesar for the crime,"
concluding "that Sirhan may have been firing blanks."

Fetzer’s article
has detailed information on both JFK and RFK assassinations, accessed
through this link

Below, Sirhan
gives his own account of what happened that night and why he was
at the Ambassador Hotel.

Morning with Sirhan"

On January
21, 2010, Academic Prison Teacher, Gerald B. Reynolds, spent time
with Sirhan and wrote it up in detail. An account below follows.

At the Delta
Facility library, a prison guard let him in. His ID said Sirhan
Sirhan. "He looked at me in a calm way with a half-smile. I
looked at him….There was an eerie, prolonged silence." He’s
now 66 years old, 42 of them in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

After another
"calm silence….I swiveled in my chair to face Sirhan Sirhan
and asked, ‘Did you do it?’ "

"Did I
do what," he responded.

"You know."

"What do you want to know?"

"Did you kill Robert F. Kennedy?"

"No, I did NOT kill Robert F. Kennedy!"

"I know you didn’t."

"How do you know?"

Reynolds explained
that he studied the details of his case, learned that RFK was killed
at point blank range by a bullet to the back of his head.

"The real
assassin appears to be Kennedy’s 26 year old Ace Security Company
bodyguard….Thane Eugene Cesar. At least one eye witness claims
to have seen Cesar with a smoking gun in his hand immediately after
Kennedy fell to the floor. An audio recording made during the assassination
indicates that there were at least 11 shots fired (perhaps more)
from possibly three different guns."

"The conclusion
is that Kennedy was shot three times from behind with a fourth bullet
passing through his suit coat. The fact that you (Sirhan) were standing
in front of Kennedy is undisputed and yet according to the coroner’s
report not one bullet entered Robert F. Kennedy from the front of
his body."

"Oh my! I knew this morning when I woke up that God was telling
me he had something great in store for me today and this is it!
God has sent you to me!….I was beginning to lose hope so you were
sent to lift my spirits. Now I can be hopeful again. Thank goodness
somebody else knows."

"Have you ever talked to anybody else in prison that knows
the truth of your case?"

"Yes. One person, that’s all….He was one who drives a truck
around and empties the dumpsters….I had a job where I had to take
the garbage out of the kitchen….to the dumpster….once in a while
he would talk to me. He told me he believed I was innocent."

"Did you talk to this guy often?"

"Actually no. He and I only talked maybe about three times
and each time it was only for about five minutes or so."

He explained
that he never met anyone in prison, besides him, who knows. He said
friends on the outside set up a web site for him –,
with information about him, RFK, and whether CIA operatives killed
him, framing Sirhan for the crime.

"Do you have an appeal on file right now?"

"Not now. Everything has run its course. I had a great attorney
named Lawrence Teeter….He was a wonderful man and a great attorney.
He tried several times to win me an appeal and even just to get
a new evidentiary hearing but the courts seemed biased against me.
The judges wouldn’t budge….Teeter died in 2005, and I haven’t
really tried to work on any appeal since then."

the rest of the article

28, 2010

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