Why I Gave Up My U.S. Citizenship, Part II

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P.T. Freeman
is a pseudonym for a friend and business associate who is a former
U.S. citizen. This is his story of how he reached the breaking point
of giving up U.S. citizenship. In Part
, P.T. described the events that led him to consider giving
up U.S. citizenship. In this segment, he describes the mechanics
of doing so.

After making
the decision to give up my U.S. citizenship, I began looking into
ways of obtaining an alternative citizenship and passport. I conducted
some research on the Internet, but then, as now, many of the companies
offering passports were thinly disguised scams offering unofficial
or even stolen documents.

However, there
were, at that time, a few Caribbean countries that offered legitimate
"economic citizenship" programs. With the aid of an attorney,
I began to conduct research into which program would best suit me.
I looked at cost, the availability of visa free travel, credibility,
and the desirability of that country as a residence.

After considerable
research, I chose the Commonwealth of Dominica and visited it. While
Dominica lacks some of the amenities of the United States, I liked
the country and decided to possibly settle there, or at least maintain
a residence or business presence. I paid the necessary fees to obtain
economic citizenship and met with some government officials. Several
weeks later, after an extensive background check, I swore an oath
of allegiance to this country, was granted citizenship and subsequently
obtained my passport.

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21, 2010

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