Homeschool to Harvard

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This is the
story that the teachers unions wish had never happened. This is
the story that proves all their hysterical demands for more money
are nothing but a sham. This is the story that makes the unions
and education bureaucrats sick to their stomachs. This is the personal
story of my daughter Dakota Root.

In each of
the books I’ve written, I’ve taken great care to acknowledge
my beautiful and brilliant little girl, Dakota. I often noted that
Dakota and her parents were aiming for her acceptance at either
Harvard or Stanford and would accept nothing less. The easy part
is aiming for gold. The hard part is achieving it. "Homeschool
to Harvard" is a story about turning dreams into reality.

Dakota has
been home-schooled since birth. While other kids spent their school
days being indoctrinated to believe competition and winning are
unimportant, and that others are to blame for their shortcomings
and failures, Dakota was learning the value of work ethic, discipline,
sacrifice and personal responsibility. While other kids were becoming
experts at partying, Dakota and her dad debated current events at
the dinner table. While other kids shopped and gossiped, Dakota
was devouring books on science, math, history, literature, politics
and business.

I often traveled
to business events and political speeches with my home-schooled
daughter in tow. While other kids came home to empty homes, Dakota’s
mom, dad, or both were there every day to share meals and a bedtime
kiss and prayer. Despite a crazy schedule of business and politics,
I’m proud to report that I’ve missed very few bedtime
kisses with my four home-schooled kids.

While others
were out learning to drive so they could attend more parties, or
experimenting with alcohol and drugs, Dakota was practicing the
sport she loves with dedication, intensity and passion — fencing.
The result? She became one of the elite junior fencers in America
– winning the Pacific Coast Championship and representing the
United States at World Cup events in Germany and Austria.

Was all the
discipline and sacrifice worth it? A few days ago, Dakota Root achieved
her lifelong dream. She was accepted at both Harvard and Stanford.
She was also accepted at Columbia, Penn, Brown, Duke, Chicago, Cal-Berkeley,
USC and several more of the elite schools in America, an unheard
of record for a home-school kid. She actually had the confidence
to turn down an offer from the Yale fencing coach before she had
gotten her other acceptances. The kid turned down Yale!

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1, 2010

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