$200m 'Behaviour Detection' Officers Fail to Spot a Single Terrorist at Airports

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A team of more
than 3,000 "behaviour detection" officers hired to spot
terrorists at US airports have failed to catch a single person despite
costing the taxpayer $200 million (£140 million) last year.

The specially-trained
officers patrol terminals monitoring passengers for suspicious body
language and facial expressions.

Since 2006,
the officers have been stationed at more than 160 airports across
the US in order to provide a hidden measure of security.

But 16 people
accused of being part of terrorist plots have passed through US
airports undetected a total of 23 times since 2004 – a number of
them since the scheme was started – according to an investigation
by the Government Accountability Office.

Earlier this
year, officials at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA),
which runs the behaviour detection programme, asked US Congress
to expand the scheme, which is known as Spot – Screening Passengers
by Observation Techniques.

John Mica,
a Republican congressman from Florida who was involved in setting
up the TSA in response to the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, said
it had become too bureaucratic.

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24, 2010

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