On Food Allergies, Supplements, and Getting Well at Last

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I get many
questions from people. Here are some of them with brief answers.

What is all
of this about food allergies? Many times I find that the basic problem
is that people are eating food that doesn’t agree with them.
Food allergies tend to cause reactions in the intestinal tract and
interfere with digestion. This means that the wrong things get through
the digestive tract into the blood, which is a condition called
leaky gut. Leaky gut can cause inflammation throughout the body
in addition to stress on the liver. The most common food allergens
are white flour, dairy, corn, soy and citrus. Food allergies can
be the result of particular deficiencies. They also run in families.
For instance, if you are allergic to airborne substances such as
pollen and pet dander, you are also allergic to white flour and
are probably deficient in magnesium and essential fatty acids. Airborne
allergies usually involve leaky gut and overburdened liver which
leads back to food allergies.

Are the supplements
I get at discount stores any good? That depends. Some are, some
aren’t. Quality is a big issue when it comes to supplements.
I prefer to deal with companies that test each batch of product
on both sides of the manufacturing process. I find that certain
companies consistently have good quality herbs because they are
testing them when they come into their facility and rejecting them
if they do not pass certain tests. The rejected product does not
just get thrown away, it goes to someone who doesn’t test and
is looking for cheaper prices. I don’t know who these companies
are, but if they don’t test for quality, I don’t take

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29, 2010

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