11 Natural Remedies for Treating Mosquito Bites

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Few things
are more annoying than the itching and scratching that accompanies
a fat, juicy mosquito bite. When a mosquito bites us, we itch due
to the residual saliva left behind from the insect’s feasting
on our blood! Fortunately, just as Mother Nature has honored us
with the presence of these buzzing nuisances, she has provided us
with some great natural remedies for treating mosquito bites when
we do get bit.

Here are some
of my favorite and most-effective natural ways for relieving and
treating painful and itchy mosquito bites. I’ve been using
these remedies for years, as the mosquitos can get really bad here
in Texas. In fact, you may be surprised to find that most of these
remedies are common things that you can easily find in your home.

1. Vinegar

When you first
notice the itchy bite, try applying a small amount of vinegar directly
to the bump. If you have many bites, you may want to take a very
hot bath in a tub filled with water and 2 1/2 cups of vinegar.
I would personally recommend using organic
apple cider vinegar

2. Aloe

is another excellent remedy for mosquito bites, as well
as many other conditions. Not only will it help ease the itching
and swelling from the bit, but it will also aid in healing the wound.
You can use fresh gel directly from an aloe plant or organic
aloe juice
. They both work well at providing relief.

3. A Dry
Bar of Soap

Another remedy
for mosquito bits is to rub a bar of dry soap directly on the bite.
This will help provide temporary relief to the itching. Remember
to wash it off throughly after the itch fades away. I personally
use e3
live peppermint soap
, and it works well.

4. Baking
Soda & Water

Another simple
remedy for mosquito bites is to make a thick paste of baking soda
and water. Then apply this paste generously to the affected area.
You should feel the swelling and itching subside shortly afterwards.

5. Onion

Other than
making you produce tears, a fresh slice of onion can also help take
the sting out of a bite. Simply place a fresh slice on the affected
area for several minutes until the itching subsides. Be sure to
wash the area throughly afterwards.

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24, 2010

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