Today's Expat or Tomorrow's Refugee?

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There are increasing numbers of Americans who are not only emigrating to other countries, but are renouncing their American citizenship as well. This trend has not been widely reported, but the coverage by mainstream publications such as the NY Times and Time Magazine of this growing practice indicates that this is not merely a passing phase. However, the major media has diverted attention on the economic rather than the political reasons for people fleeing the US.

It has now become common knowledge that the Federal Reserve Bank is not a part of the US government and is in fact controlled by a handful of banking families who have been at the helm of the US economy for several generations.

This was successfully kept from the attention of Americans by the corporate controlled media and only recently has come to light due to the efforts of Rep. Ron Paul and the late Arron Russo’s film, America, From Freedom to Facsism.

Previously, those who attempted to bring this issue to light were dismissed as “fringe groups” or “anti-government whackos”. Now that the world has become aware of this fraud of near Biblical proportions, it is the opinion of many that it is now only a matter of time before countries like China pull the plug of financial support through the purchase of US bonds and treasury notes. When that happens, the domino effect will be world wide and the epicenter of this economic tsunami will of course be the US.

Many trend forecasters such as Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, and Max Kaiser have been predicting the inevitability of economic collapse and revolution for years and as such have been dismissed just as those who screamed “FED fraud” for decades.

The absence of any political reference as being the fuel for the fires of expatriation is akin to the saying, “The silence is deafening”. Economics and politics are inescapably tied to one another, so to place the blame of an increase of expatriation exclusively on economics and ignoring the political scene should be seen as suspicious at least.

Not so long ago the United States was the most admired and respected country in the world, and held this status for years. Perceived by many as a protective “big brother”, numerous governments welcomed US companies with open arms in the hope of being able to ride on their economic coat tails. The political price for doing so was not recognized until years later, and is now seen for what it is and what it was meant to be – a trap from which there is no escape!

Economic influence and control leads inevitably to political influence and control. This is not an opinion. It is a fact, and can be clearly seen and understood by anyone who takes the time to check historical records. The dilemma that has arisen by the advent of multi-national and international corporate control over national economies is that these corporations have no allegiance to any one country.

Corporations are almost like a new man-made life form that has no concern for peace, progress, prosperity or people. Corporations feed only on profit and anything that is not profitable is seen as a liability and is eliminated as “waste”.

This is a moral issue that manifested in the past several decades as these corporations saturated many western economies. Many of the participating countries have been transformed into economic, corporate “junkies” whose labor forces now cannot survive without absolute reliance and compliance with corporate policy and control.

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