How to Survive The Three Most Imminent Disasters of 2010–2012

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Needless to
say, I’m delighted to see my book surge to #2!

But what pleases
me even more is the fact that more investors are finally learning
how to take urgently-needed steps to prepare for THREE major disasters
– and profit opportunities – dead ahead.

#1: America’s Empire of Debt.
If you think Americans are living
a normal life, think again. Our entire consumer economy, lifestyle,
livelihood – and nearly all or wealth – is predicated
on one thing: DEBT.

The outstanding
public debt is $12.3 TRILLION. The U.S. has a little over 307 million
people. So that means every single man, woman and child in this
country is responsible for $40,000 in government debt – over
and above any money they have borrowed personally.

The government
is now struggling to get the deficit back DOWN to $1 TRILLION dollars
… and there’s little hope they’ll even accomplish that much.

the public debt is increasing at a rate of $3.5 billion per day.
And that’s just the public debt. Consumer and corporate debt add
trillions more!

The Good-Time
Charlies in Washington would have you think this party can continue
forever. But now the bill is coming due, and the longer we put it
off, the worse it gets.

How will
it end?
Only two scenarios are possible:

  • Washington
    will slash spending to the bone (and raise taxes till), sinking
    our economy into a depression. Or …
  • Washington
    will DESTROY the value of our money.

Except for
a handful of Pollyannas with their heads in the sand, few experts
think there’s any other alternative. For citizens and investors
who are unprepared, it will be an unmitigated disaster lasting for
many years. For those who ARE prepared, it could be the opportunity
of a lifetime.

#2: Peak Oil Is Rushing Toward Us Like a Runaway Train.
only reason oil prices aren’t higher right now is because of weakness
in the U.S. and European economies.

however, the two most populous countries in the world – China
and India – are adding to their fuel demand at a rip-roaring

In response,
oil companies are now putting drills down 4,000 feet in the Gulf
of Mexico to then drill through 35,000 feet of rock. These wells
are deeper than Mount Everest is tall! They aren’t doing this because
it’s fun. They’re doing it because it’s the only oil they can find!
And one thing you can count on – it won’t be cheap oil!

How will
it end?
Potentially in an oil crisis that sends the U.S. deeper
into an economic tailspin – dramatically changing the way we
live, while creating enormous opportunities for those who invest
in the right solutions.

#3: Water Is the Quiet Emergency That Could Shape the 21st Century.
For most Americans, water is less expensive each month than
cable television or having a cell phone. So they barely think about

Not so for
most of the rest of the world! The World Bank reports that 80 countries
now have water shortages that threaten health and economies while
40% of the world – more than 2 billion people – have NO
access to clean water or sanitation.

Heck, even
in the U.S., most local water systems are old and in desperate need
of upgrades, with legal battles heating up over water rights across
the country.

The key: Sure,
you can substitute various alternate fuels for fossil fuels like
crude oil. BUT THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR WATER! This is a crisis
that is spinning out of control around the world.

How will
it end?
Most people would not be able to handle a water emergency.
If droughts worsen, we could see people forcibly relocated from
cities and areas that just can’t support their populations. Meanwhile,
companies that can provide real solutions will soar in value.

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6, 2010

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