On the Multiple Death Threats I Have Received

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Dear Congresswoman
Louise Slaughter,

I note in media
that you have received a death threat from an anonymous
caller. It is unclear whether this whack job has the capability
or desire to actually carry out the threat. I hope not. But, nevertheless,
I can empathise. I have also recently been the subject of multiple
death threats.

The threats
have come not from anonymous callers, but from identifiable people
here in the United States who have put their threats in writing,
to be carried out by their hired guns. I believe these people are
delusional. They actually think they have a right to kill me, "for
my own good". I am hoping you can provide some guidance on
what precautions I should take to protect me from these people.

Here is the

You see, I
pretty much mind my own business. Yet, these people some how think
they should interfere in my life and force me to do things their
way. Get this. They say they are going to force me to do things
their way based on the Constitution. From what I understand, they
have a tortured view of the commerce clause that is in the Constitution.
They think it gives them the right to interfere in my life and ultimately
kill me.

these people have designed a medical system that has pushed medical
prices out of control. Medical prices are going up much faster than
the rate of inflation. They think they are going to fix this problem
by forcing me to buy a new kind of medical insurance they have invented.
I know it sounds insane. I know the best way to keep prices low
is to have many competitors, with many different options. But they
have so road blocked the system that their are few competitors.
And now they are limiting my options even more by forcing me to
buy insurance from one of the insurance companies they have designated.
And, get this, I know it will be hard to believe, but in addition
to forcing me to buy insurance from these companies, they are going
to tell these insurance companies what can and can’t be in the coverage.
This means there won’t even be competition on the types of coverage

Now, I know
the common sense advice would be to just ignore such crazed people,
but they have IN WRITING stated that they will throw me in jail
if I don’t pay up. I’m thinking of just staying in my house, but
I have heard these people will come with something they call SWAT
teams, break down my door and come after me. My friend tells me
that, when the SWAT teams come, it could get very dangerous and
I could get killed. He says it has happened before and he told me
that they will consider me dangerous because I refuse to go to jail
as a result of my not wanting their medical insurance. He told me
to think Waco and Ruby Ridge. See how insane this is getting? And,
honest, I did not provoke these people nor do I want to have anything
to do with them. So I guess you can see my predicament. If I refuse
them at any step of the way, there is no question they will use
force and kill me if they think it is necessary.

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9, 2010

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