Inside the Seething Green Roach Pit Where They EAT Their Own

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by James Delingpole: Climategate:
The Official Cover-Up Continues



Do you want
some fun? Of course you want some fun. Here’s some fun I found
for you a few days ago but have been saving for a quiet weekend.
It’s something that offers a really scary roach’s eye
view into the festering, backbiting, cannibalistic world of the
Eco Loon, courtesy of the Eco Loons’ official house blog –
Real Climate.

I don’t
visit Real Climate very often. In fact almost never because tis
a silly place – as you’d expect of a site initially established
primarily to defend Michael Mann’s indefensible Hockey Stick.
But this
thread I found is just fantastic
. Not only are the comments
led by your favourite BSc and mine – yes Jo Abbess, BSc. But
it offers the glorious spectacle of the editor of the Guardian’s
Environment blogs, one Dr James Randerson, grovelling piteously
as he tries to argue that his newspaper hasn’t betrayed the
great AGW cause, it hasn’t, it hasn’t!

I edit the
environment website
and was part of the editorial team that
produced the 12-part investigation by veteran science journalist
Fred Pearce into the hacked East Anglia climate emails. I’m
very grateful to RealClimate for giving us the opportunity to
respond to the recent posts on the investigation: “The
Guardian Disappoints
” and “Close
Encounters of the Absurd Kind

I should
say first that we hold RealClimate in very high regard. The site
is part of the Guardian
Environment Network
, a collection of more than 20 hand-picked
websites including Grist and Nature’s Climate Feedback blog
with whom we have a mutual content sharing agreement. Under the
arrangement, the Guardian website republishes RealClimate blogs
regularly. We take seriously your criticisms and are considering
them carefully. The Guardian has a commitment to accuracy
and correcting factual errors.

Such is the
public interest in this story that ever since the emails were
released in November, there has been a strong demand for an in-depth
journalistic account of what they tell us about how climate scientists
operate. As RealClimate rightly pointed out, the response from
much of the media has been lazy to the point of “pathology”.

Does it not
remind you, rather, of the pleadings-for-mercy of some rural commissar
who has been called up to NKVD headquarters in Moscow to account
for some minor misdemeanour? In the segment below, he tries desperately
to spare his miserable life by boasting about how many kulaks he
has personally shot in the back of the head, and how no one is more
loyal to the Party than he is:

There are
few, if any newspapers in the world with a stronger commitment
to action on climate change than the Guardian and our sister
paper the Observer. We
have a team of 6 full-time environment correspondents
as well
as three editors and a collection of bloggers and columnists.

It was the
Guardian that orchestrated a global
carried by 56 newspapers in 45 countries on 7th
December 2009 to call for action from world leaders at Copenhagen.
[RC: Also at RealClimate]

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5, 2010

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