The Case for Impeachment of President Barack Obama

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by David Lindorff:
Turkey in Afghanistan: Obama Sneaks into Kabul to Beg Karzai to
Clean Up HisAct



Back in 2005–06,
I wrote a book, The Case for Impeachment, in which I made the argument
that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, as
well as other key figures in the Bush/Cheney administration –
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld,
and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales – should be impeached
for war crimes, as well as crimes against the Constitution of the
United States.

These days,
when I mention the book’s title, people sometimes ask, half
in jest, whether I’m referring to the current president, Barack

Sadly, it is
time to say, just 14 months into the current term of this new president,
that yes, this president, and some of his subordinates, are also
guilty of impeachable crimes – including many of the same ones committed
by Bush and Cheney.

start with the war in Afghanistan, which Obama has taken full ownership
of with an escalation that will bring the number of US troops in
that country (not counting mercenaries hired by the Pentagon and
CIA) to 100,000 by this August.

The president
has authorized the use of Predator drone aircraft for a program
of bombing conducted against Pakistan which has illegally expanded
the Afghan War into another country without any authorization from
Congress. These pilotless drones are known to kill far more innocent
bystanders than enemy targets, making them fundamentally illegal
on principle as weapons. Furthermore, this wave of attacks in Pakistan
is a war of aggression against another nation if the word “war”
is to have any meaning at all, and as such it is illegal under the
UN Charter. Indeed initiating a war of aggression against a country
which does not pose an immediate threat to the invader is described
in the Charter and in the Nuremberg Tribunal Charter as the gravest
of all war crimes.

The president,
as commander in chief, has also, in collusion with Attorney Eric
Holder, blocked any prosecution of those who authorized and perpetrated
torture against captives in the War in Iraq, the War in Afghanistan,
and the so-called War on Terror – notably Federal Appeals Court
Judge Jay Baybee, and Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo, who as Justice
Department attorneys authored the legal briefs justifying torture
– and has in fact continued to permit the application of torture
against captives. All of this is in clear violation of the Geneva
Conventions, which as a signed set of treaties, are part of the
law of the United States. Under those treaties, failure on the part
of those up the chain of command to halt or to punish those who
commit torture are themselves guilty of the crime of torture.

As commander
in chief, President Obama has also overseen a strategy in Afghanistan
of expanded attacks on civilians in Afghanistan. As in Iraq under
the Bush administration, this current phase of the war in Afghanistan
is seeing more civilians killed than enemy combatants, because of
the widespread use of weapons like helicopter gunships, aerial bombardment,
fragmentation bombs, etc., as well as a tactic of night raids on
housing compounds where insurgents are suspected of hiding –
raids that frequently lead to the deaths of many women and children
and innocent men. It is significant that even the recent execution-style
slaying of nine students, aged 11–18, by US-led forces, has
not led to an investigation or prosecution of a individual. Rather,
the incident is being covered up and ignored, with the clear acquiescence
of the White House and the leadership at the Pentagon.

It is also
widely believed that under the command of Gen. Stanley McChrystal,
who is known to have directed a large-scale death-squad operation
in Iraq before moving to his current position, a similar death-squad
campaign of assassination is being conducted now in Afghanistan – a
campaign that like the notorious Phoenix Program in the 1960s in
Vietnam, is almost certainly resulting in the deaths of many innocent

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2, 2010

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