The EPA Monster

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Among the legacies
of Richard M. Nixon, famed for the Watergate scandal that forced
his resignation, it should be noted that he created the Environmental
Protection Agency. There was no vote in Congress. He did it with
an executive order. Today the EPA has an annual budget of $9 billion
and some 18,000 employees.

Not satisfied
with the authorized powers given it to ensure clean air and water,
the EPA has never ceased to seek expanded powers, culminating soon
with a battle over whether it can regulate carbon dioxide (CO2)
as a “pollutant.” Labeled a “greenhouse gas”,
in the eyes of the EPA it is an “endangerment” to the
health of humanity in general and Americans in particular.

CO2 is as vital
to all life on planet Earth in the same way as oxygen. It is what
plants consume in order to grow, much as oxygen is essential for
life among living creatures that, in turn, are dependent on vegetation,
crops, for their sustenance. It’s a neat little cycle that
has existed since life emerged on Earth.

If the EPA
gains the power to regulate CO2, it will have the power to regulate
the activities of every individual and the entire economy of the
nation. Traditional sources of energy, with the exception of nuclear
and hydroelectric power, involve the emission of CO2. A modern society
cannot function without CO2 emissions, but they have nothing to
do with global warming because there is NO global warming.

CO2 represents
a mere 386 parts per million of the Earth’s atmosphere. Humans
are responsible for 3% of its generation; Mother Nature produces
the other 97%. And the EPA wants to regulate ALL of it!

Actual science
is of no importance to the EPA. If the EPA really cared about human
life, it would not have a long history of banning beneficial chemicals
such as DDT and other pesticides that protect humans against a laundry
list of transmittable diseases like malaria, dengue fever, yellow
fever, et cetera.

The EPA is
actually seeking to limit the amount of deicing fluid used to protect
commercial and other aircraft on the grounds that it might get into
nearby streams and rivers. Never mind the lives of the passengers
and crews on planes that would be brought down as the result of
such ice. This defies common sense.

In truth, the
EPA threatens the economy and our lives in so many ways it is difficult
to know where to point first. To my mind, the way it infiltrates
the nation’s education system to fill the minds of children
with visions of a planet threatened with “warming” or
that every species is “endangered” or that all the waters
and air are “polluted” is criminal.

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19, 2010

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