Constitutional Litmus Test

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Here’s a picture puzzle game. Can you tell what is going on in the two photos?

Photo #1

Army Specialist Cade Kitchens searched a farmer in Kandahar Province, whose residents feel under threat from both sides.

Photo #2

A TSA worker pats down a traveler at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago on Sept. 22, the day the government introduced stricter security measures.

Choose one of the following answers to describe the above photos:

A.) An Afghani farmer showing his buff looking six-pack abs to the astonished US soldier, while the elderly lady is being taught how to fly with her arms in case of an airplane emergency by a loving and concerned TSA employee.

B.) Examples of people’s welfare being protected by warfare.

C.) Examples of warfare protecting the people’s welfare.

D.) Two examples of inalienable rights and personal privacy being violated by warrantless searches without probable cause during an illegal war.


If you answered A, you might be a graduate of the US educational system who never read the Constitution.

If you answered B, you might be a socialist democrat who circumvents the Constitution.

If you answered C, you might be a fascist neo-conservative who tramples upon the Constitution.

If you answered D, you might be a libertarian who has actually has studied the Constitution.

Ron Shirtz [send him mail] is a transplanted Californian teaching Graphic Communications in Northern (Not “Upstate”) New York. His hobbies include arranging deck chairs on sinking ships, tilting at windmills, and being fashionably late.

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