Ron Paul Rolls Through Campus

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by Ron Paul: Census:
A Little Too Personal

congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul made rounds
at Ohio State on Monday.

He first appeared
at a 4 p.m. press conference at the Faculty Club, before heading
to the Newport Music Hall to speak to a large crowd of students
in attendance at the free event. Paul answered questions from the
media at the press conference and discussed issues facing the nation.

The topics
ranged from subjects Paul has become renown for addressing, such
as central banking and military spending, to more recent issues
such as cybersecurity. When asked what graduating college students
should do to help improve the economy, Paul said they should just
try to get by.

first priority is getting a job and surviving,” Paul said,
explaining that making a living is essential to recovery. “The
most important thing is taking care of one’s self.”

Paul said that
speaking on college campuses was one of the more enjoyable parts
of being a politician.

“I enjoy
going around the country and speaking to the students,” Paul
said. He was positive about high numbers of students attending his
events. “That delights me because of the burden placed on that

Later that
evening, the Newport was filled to near its 1,700-person capacity,
and some students were lined up well in advance of the 6 p.m. opening.

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10, 2010

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

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