The Great Enemy of the Truth

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most dangerous follower is he whose defection would destroy the
whole party: that is to say, the best follower."

~ Friedrich
Nietzsche (1844–1900), German philosopher. The Wanderer
and His Shadow, aphorism 290 (1880).

does not consist of individuals but expresses the sum of interrelations,
the relations within which these individuals stand."

~ Karl Marx
(1818–1883), German political theorist, social philosopher.
"Notebook 2" (written 1857–58; first published 1939).

great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie – deliberate,
contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive
and unrealistic."

~ John F. Kennedy
(1917–63), U.S. Democratic politician, president. Commencement
address, June 11, 1962, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

I shouted out ‘Who killed the Kennedy’s?’
after all, it was you and me."

~ The Rolling
Stones, "Sympathy for the Devil," Beggar’s

My most recent
article for OpEdNews, "Into a Thousand Pieces," has drawn
an unbelievable, positive response from the readership, for which
I am extremely grateful. It is encouraging to know that almost forty-seven
years after the last true President of the United States was murdered
in Dallas, with the three unconstitutional branches of our government
in firm control of our nation, that there are still other people
who mourn him and desire some form of justice for him. And for ourselves
as well.

A summation
of the article is this: the set-up and cover up of John F. Kennedy’s
assassination precludes any theory that does not include the National
Security State apparatus’ involvement.

Folks, this
includes any theory where Lee Harvey Oswald is the lone gunman.

No, I have
not lost my mind, or even misplaced it. What are the three occurrences
that made JFK’s murder in Dallas possible?

  1. Re-routing
    the parade route to go down Elm Street.
  2. Ordering
    the 112th Military Intelligence Group to "stand down,"
    rather than do its job: which was to make certain that windows
    in buildings were sealed shut and roofs were clear of possible
  3. Removing
    the two Secret Service Agents from their position on the rear
    bumper of the Presidential limousine (much to their surprise and
    consternation) at the last minute, where they might interfere
    with the aim of a sniper behind the President, or jump forward
    after the first shot, and protect the President and First Lady
    from any remaining shots by shielding JFK and Jackie with their
    own bodies. Either way, President John F. Kennedy probably leaves
    Dallas alive. A film of the Secret Service Agents being ordered
    off the Presidential limousine’s back bumper, and the agent’s
    reaction can be seen at
    the following site.

People will
argue that this is all merely a coincidence, but I agree with Robert
A. Heinlein’s general assessment regarding coincidence which states
that, "Coincidence is a question begging term." In other
words, people say something is a coincidence when they are unwilling
to investigate the circumstances of an incident with the due diligence
it deserves: either because they are lazy, fearful or because it
does not fit their preconceived notion of what has occurred.

Even if Lee
Harvey Oswald was the "lone gunman," which I personally
doubt, he was not the lone person involved in the conspiracy to
kill JFK.

First of all,
Oswald has the stink of CIA/ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) all
over him, from the time he was a kid in New Orleans.

Second, his
"defection" to the Soviet Union has the ham-handed paw
prints of the CIA all over it, especially in his return to the United
States, and the lack of prosecution when he did return.

Third, his
actions after his return to the United States, look mostly like
a CIA operative who failed in his mission, and is trying to make
himself useful to his government by trying to infiltrate pro-Communist
pro-Soviet, or pro-Cuban, organizations in the United States –
such as the Fair Play for Cuba Committee – as a CIA/FBI informant.

I believe Oswald
being set up as a "patsy" for JFK’s murder as his final
"reward" for the abject failure of his mission as a "sleeper
agent" to the Soviet Union. He was in the position to take
the blame for the crime whether he actually shot the President or
not. He simply had to die before any "outsider," such
as defense counsel, had a chance to speak to him, which certainly
would have occurred on Monday morning.

This leads
us to poor Jack Ruby.

Jack Ruby is
possibly the largest single enigma in the assassination of President
Kennedy. A Jewish gangster from Chicago, Jack Rubinstein, aka Jack
Ruby, operated at organized crime’s periphery in Dallas during the
1950’s and early 60’s. He claimed to have run numbers for Al Capone
when he was a boy.

Ruby initially
claimed that he shot Oswald so Jackie Kennedy would not have to
return to Dallas for a trial. This claim is, on the face of it,
so preposterous that it lacks any credibility. He later told Chief
Justice Earl Warren in an interview, that the only way that he could
tell the Warren Commission the truth about President Kennedy’s murder
was if the Commission took him to Washington to testify, and placing
him first in protective custody. This would seem to automatically
disqualify his initially stated reason for shooting Oswald, because
if Ruby could only tell the truth to the Warren Commission in Washington,
D.C., under protective custody, by logical extension anything he
said to authorities in Dallas most likely would be a lie.

I have often
wondered what it was that Jack Ruby did to get himself exiled from
Chicago to what was then considered the "cow town" of
Dallas? I also wonder what the Mob had on Jack Ruby that allowed
them to force Jack Ruby to take out Oswald in such a public manner,
with no opportunity to escape?

The "rush
to judgment" naming Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman, without
any real investigation by the Dallas Police, the FBI, the Secret
Service, or the Warren Commission into the possibility of a conspiracy
involving any one of a myriad of possible suspects both inside and
outside of the American Military-Industrial Complex, was one of
the greatest disservices ever performed by law enforcement in this
country. I would call it a lynch mob mentality, but in this case,
the mob was being led by law enforcement and the judiciary, while
those who stood the most to gain from JFK’s death, cheered from
the sidelines.

We have discussed
the pre-assassination set-up; now let us consider the post-assassination
cover up.

First, is the
simple fact that the provenance and chain of custody of much of
the evidence presented to the Warren Commission is, at best, questionable.
Missing x-rays, photos, and other evidence – including JFK’s
brain, or what’s left of it, sealed in formalin – are nearly
as important as the crime scene (the Presidential limousine), which
was being scrubbed down by the Secret Service at the hospital. Then
there are the mysterious figures at Bethesda instructing the pathologists
conducting JFK’s autopsy what to do and what not to do during the
autopsy. Finally, there is the mysterious and sudden appearance
of a nearly pristine bullet, Commission Exhibit 399 (CE 399), whose
striations matched those of Oswald’s rifle, on one of the stretchers
in Parkland’s ER that afternoon.

Besides its
questionable provenance, CE 399 has a number of problems. First
is the small (less than two-and-a-half grains) amount of mass that
was lost from this bullet that supposedly had gone through two men,
including several large bones.

Second, it
appears that the amount of metal left behind by CE 399 as it traversed
the two men’s bodies probably exceeds the total mass lost by the
bullet. The two largest fragments left in Governor Connally’s right
wrist – and these are not the only fragments that were left
– are, according to the Warren Commission, 2×3 mm and 1×2 mm.

With a very
conservative estimate of 0.1 mm thickness for each fragment, and
a specific gravity of approximately 10.25 g/cc for the lead alloy
of the bullet, you get 0.082g or 82 mg for the weight of those two
fragments alone, or 1.27 grains of lead alloy in gun speak. This
is conservatively of the mass missing from CE 399, and the actual
average thickness of those two fragments is more likely to be 0.2
or 0.3 mm, doubling or tripling the mass of the two fragments. There
are also a number of smaller fragments in Connally’s wrist, chest,
and leg according to his x-rays. I think a proper inventory of the
lead fragments in John Connally’s body would show he had a far greater
mass of bullet fragments in his body than the mass of the lead missing
from CE 399.

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5, 2010

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