Who Is the Enemy, Dr. Ron Paul?

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Recently, Representative
Ron Paul addressed the House [paraphrased here], and after depicting
the absurdity, cost and futility of fighting our Middle Eastern
wars, asked: "Who is the enemy? We don’t even know who the
enemy is! If we don’t know who the enemy is, how will we know if
we won?" Though I disagree with his Party’s platform and agenda,
I admire Ron Paul’s bold independent position and thoroughly uphold
his viewpoint and opinion. Dr. Paul is perfectly correct. Who is
the enemy?

Like no recent
time, our military machine has been unleashed by President Obama
to conduct aggressive excursions and surges simultaneously throughout
the world. (Did I not warn the writer who calls himself a jackass
to watch America’s military moves, for they are the only cards it
now can play?) Washington continues to threaten China (its major
creditor), and the bankers are tightening their grip on the masses
(siphoning assets). While the American people (as well as China)
should be forcing the U.S. Government and banking system into a
corner, conducting anti-war and anti-fascist political protests
(like the Brits), admitting they elected a quisling President who
has betrayed them (and the world) in rubber-stamping and advancing
the Bush, ultra-right, neo-con agendas, nothing is occurring to
stop Obama, Congress, Wall Street and the Pentagon.

To Americans,
AfPak is a TV action show no one watches and "drones"
are cute throwaway paper-like RC aircraft that fit into your luggage.
Haiti is a land of un-baptized heathens and voodoo dolls. Wal-Mart
is where you shop while you support a trade war against Beijing.
Obama is a Socialist (so say Mr. Right, Mr. Austrian School and
Fox TV) as he robs the poor and gives to the rich (it is an Orwellian
epithet only Roger Ailes or Karl Rove could contrive). Should it
be Sarah Palin as running mate with the newly elected Massachusetts
pin-up Senator in 2012 they ask, or Sarah for President? But wait!
Might it be President Stanley A. McChyrstal in the end, after he
returns victoriously from winning our wars in Afghanistan, a land
that no world empire in history has ever conquered?

What does an
individual do when he can no longer pay his debt? He borrows until
credit is exhausted. Then, admitting failure, he files for bankruptcy
and surrenders his assets, possessions and property in the hope
his debts are discharged. This is standard procedure that every
adult citizen understands and agrees to accept in the course of
running a business or running a household when it fails.

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1, 2010

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