How Long Before You Wake Up, Politicos?

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I’m going to
write today about a very somber subject. It will be, as it usually
is here in one form or another, about math.

First, some
background. If you believe that we have "escaped" from
the mess that gripped this nation in 2008 and 2009, or that said
mess "suddenly appeared" and "nobody saw it coming,"
stop reading now and have your Thorazine dosage checked. It’s way

Assuming you
accept the truth – that this mess was 20 year or more in the making,
that it involved creating credit (that is, debt) which the debtor
could never pay, and that it still exists because our government
policy has been to extend, pretend and allow lies that should be
considered accounting fraud and result in prison sentences, then
you’re on the right page to understand the rest of this missive.
Again, if not, go check your Thorazine dosage.

Yes, I know
all about the stock market rally from last March. I know all about
the claimed GDP "improvement." But I also know that we
got both by adding more than $2 trillion in debt to the United States
or roughly 14% of GDP – over the space of the
last 18 months. That’s about 10% of GDP annualized, and incidentally,
a 10% GDP contraction is the common economist’s definition of an
Economic Depression.

So let’s
cut the crap – we are in a Depression right now. We are pretending
we are not, just like you can pretend you didn’t really lose your
job so long as your credit card does not reach its limit. We have
been in that depression for about 18 months and there is no evidence
that we will exit it, as we have yet to find a way to pull back
the deficit spending without an instantaneous collapse in the economy.

Yet at some
point we must and will stop. We will either do so of our own volition,
or we will do so when the cost of borrowing skyrockets, as others
get tired of funding our profligacy. If we attempt to "print"
our way out of it the cost of petroleum products will shoot the
moon and destroy our economy anyway.

You haven’t
seen the half of what happened though – not yet. It appears
that AIG – the company we have bailed out (thus far) to the
tune of some $100 billion plus, in fact isn’t done. It
appears they may have written credit protection on Greece.

If this allegation by the German equivalent to The New York Times
is true Americans are going to be asked to pay billions of dollars
– or more likely, hundreds of billions (since Greece is almost
certainly not the only place – try Spain, Portugal, Ireland,
etc) to bail out a bunch of FOREIGN NATIONS.

Do you both
think Americans can and will pay that bill? A bill
that has been forced on us, and yet benefits not The United States
economy, but foreigners?

Wars – big
wars – start over much less, my friends.

Oh, and let’s
not forget – some 30% of Greece’s workers went out on strike
to protest their "austerity measures."
That’s right
– one in three.

The Fed and
our fabulous Treasury Secretary already gave tens of billions
of our hard-earned money to foreign banks to prop them up
via AIG. That was just a down payment; now we all get to –
quite literally – buy all their houses over in Europe. They
get to keep living in them.

If you do not
believe it is going to get much worse than it is now, economically
and otherwise, you once again need to go have that Thorazine dosage

A recent Rasmussen
poll disclosed that only 21% of the voters in this country believe
that the government enjoys the consent of the governed. Put another
way, only 21% of the voters in this nation consent to what
Washington is doing.

More ominously,
61% say the government does NOT have consent. The
remainder (18%) are not sure.

May I remind
you that in 1776 less than that 21% of the population (19%, actually)
were loyal to Britain?

If you do not
believe this nation is wound tighter than a clock spring, you need
to have that Thorazine dosage checked again.

You are in

After denial
comes anger, then bargaining, and finally acceptance.

Let’s not do
anger on a mass scale in this country, ok?

Neither I or
my daughter will appreciate it if it happens; shall we skip that
and go right to "acceptance"?

Let’s assume
your answer is "yes."

Now let’s talk

There are approximately
150,000 federally-attached law enforcement personnel. Another 750,000,
roughly, state and local cops are employed by our various government
arms. Of those various officers well more than half sit behind a
desk and haven’t left one gram of shoe leather on a street or in
a cruiser in the last year. The majority of you fire your weapons
for periodic qualification and they have never been warm or dirty
besides. You’ve never faced death, you’ve never had a weapon pointed
at you in anger, and you’ve never drawn your service weapon in the
line of duty. Those are facts.

Now consider
the "bad side" of America. The Justice Department estimates
there are at least one million gang members – active gang members
– in America. These people, mostly young males, have nearly
all drawn or fired weapons in anger. They are responsible for more
than three quarters of all crime in this country, and some eight
out of ten violent crimes. Those gang members have families –
younger males who are "coming up," "friends"
(if you can call a murderous thug a friend) and others. Between
all of those "loosely attached" folks and the hard-core
inner circle itself we probably have somewhere between 5 and 10
million people in this nation who, given the wrong sort of provocation,
might decide that Zombieland
wasn’t just a movie.

Our politicians
created most of these monsters so the "finest"
would have something to do. A nearly-100-year obsession with what
consenting adults put in their bodies is largely responsible for
this, and an intentional policy of allowing an effective invasion
of illegal aliens over our southern border provides some the most-violent
core of this group. The illegal drug trade has fueled international
wars, international gangs, and virtually all of the organized violent
crime in this nation going back to Prohibition. Essentially every
automatic weapon in the hands of criminals (and there are plenty
of them) comes into the US through this same intentionally-left-open
border as do the gangbangers, lies of this (and previous) administrations
notwithstanding. Those of you in the Law Enforcement business may
not want to accept these facts, but if you reflect on it you cannot
escape reality: weapons, ammunition and other means of street thuggery
all cost money, and without these drugs being illegal there would
be no profit in it, and thus a huge part of the criminal gangland
element would not exist. You’ve cheered on the War on Drugs
as it has meant more cops being hired and more, better, fancier
toys for you to play with, along with $200,000+ pensions (in some
areas.) You’ve been fools and even self-destructive assholes for
having done so. But that, today, is water over the dam – the
bad guys are here, they’re not leaving, and there’s no evidence
that the political class is going to suddenly legalize these substances
tomorrow, cutting the source of funds for the thugs off at the knees
– after all, you won’t rise up and demand it happen. So we
must deal with reality on the ground as it is (and as you have cheered
on the creation of), whether we like it or not.

As I’m sure
you’re aware all of America sees some of our "finest,"
not to mention our politicians, in various forms of misbehavior
virtually on a daily basis. A girl beaten on a train platform while
uniformed rail security stands and watches. A young man who appears
to have been executed by a different rail security officer, even
after he was subdued, face-down, without a weapon and easily able
to be cuffed. The infamous Rodney King incident. The false accusations
against the Duke Lacrosse team that threatened young men with many
years behind bars for something that never happened. Our current
Treasury Secretary who cheated on his taxes, not to mention the
chair of the House Ways and Means Committee who did as well (that’s
the committee that writes tax law, if you’re not up on your American
Government.) And now, in the latest bit of ignobility we’re expected
to swallow, we have accusations that a school district
has been taking pictures of kids in their bedrooms using state-issued
laptops that said kids were required to accept in
order to pass their high school classes.

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4, 2010

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