An Anti-War Secessionist Movement Is Alive

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In today’s
Time Magazine online we learn that in the State of Vermont,
among perhaps the most left leaning population in the Union, a secessionist
movement has started in the wake of these unpopular wars. They have
a slate of anti-war and secessionist candidates and they are running
for office in the state. The piece is entitled Secessionist
Campaign for the Republic of Vermont

It seems that
roughly 13% of the state’s population presently claims that
they support the movement. Here is an excerpt from the article:

to a 2007 poll, they have support from at least 13% of state voters.
The campaign slogan, Naylor told me, is “Imagine
Free Vermont
.” In his fondest imaginings, Naylor said,
Vermonters would not be “forced to participate in killing women
and children in the Middle East.”

This is what
happens when our nation continually engages in these ridiculous
and unnecessary wars overseas without taking into account the wishes
of her citizens.

This is what
happens when Amerika places money and potential power grabs
overseas ahead of the wishes of the people and instead caters to
the whims of the military industrial complex, the emerging market
manipulators, the war industry captains, the energy cartels and
any other group that the Supreme Court has now given the powers
of citizenship.

It is no accident
that this is now public knowledge throughout the nation after the
Supreme Court decided that money rules our political system.

No it does

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2, 2010

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