War ber Alles

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by Paul Craig Roberts: The
Shame of Being an American



The United
States government cannot get enough of war. With Libyan dictator
Moammar Gadhafi's regime falling to a rebelling population, CNN
reports that a Pentagon spokesman said that the U.S. is looking
at all options from the military side.

the Pentagon, which is responsible for one million dead Iraqis and
an unknown number of dead Afghans and Pakistanis, is concerned about
the deaths of 1,000 Libyan protesters.

While the Pentagon
tries to figure out how to get involved in the Libyan revolt, the
commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific is developing new battle
plans to take on China in her home territory. Four-star Admiral
Robert Willard thinks the U.S. should be able to whip China in its
own coastal waters.

The admiral
thinks one way to do this is to add U.S. Marines to his force structure
so that the U.S. can eject Chinese forces from disputed islands
in the East and South China seas.

It is not the
U.S. who is disputing the islands, but if there is a chance for
war anywhere, the admiral wants to make sure we are not left out.

The admiral
also hopes to develop military ties with India and add that country
to his clout. India, the admiral says, "is a natural partner
of the United States" and "is crucial to America's 21st-century
strategy of balancing China." The U.S. is going to seduce the
Indians by selling them advanced aircraft.

If the plan
works out, we will have India in NATO helping us to occupy Pakistan
and presenting China with the possibility of a two-front war.

The Pentagon
needs some more wars so there can be some more "reconstruction."

is very lucrative, especially as Washington has privatized so many
of the projects, thus turning over to well-placed friends many opportunities
to loot. Considering all the money that has been spent, one searches
hard to find completed projects. The just released report from the
Commission on Wartime Contracting can't say exactly how much of
the $200,000 million in Afghan "reconstruction" disappeared
in criminal behavior and blatant corruption, but $12,000 million
alone was lost to "overt fraud."

War makes money
for the politically connected. While the flag-waving population
remains proud of the service of their sons, brothers, husbands,
fathers, cousins, wives, mothers and daughters, the smart boys who
got the fireworks started are rolling in the mega-millions.

As General
Smedley Butler told the jingoistic American population, to no avail,
"war is a racket." As long as the American population
remains proud that their relatives serve as cannon fodder for the
military/security complex, war will remain a racket.

26, 2010

Craig Roberts [send
him mail
], a
former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate
editor of the Wall Street Journal, has been reporting shocking cases
of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book,

Tyranny of Good Intentions
co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how
Americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random

Best of Paul Craig Roberts

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