High Caliber Antioxidant Ammo

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Coenzyme Q10
provides energy for the body’s cell growth and maintenance.
It is a valuable antioxidant that is normally produced by all cells
in the body, but is much more abundant in the heart, liver and immune

As we age,
our ability to produce Co Q10 seems to decline. Low levels of Co
Q10 have been linked to several chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s,
Alzheimer’s, congestive heart failure, and cardiovascular disease.
Low levels of Co Q10 are also linked to people with severe allergies,
auto immune disorders and muscular dystrophy.

There are a
number of scientific studies showing that Co Q10 may be effective
against diseases such as heart disease, heart failure, breast cancer,
Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer’s.

For the cardiovascular
system, Co Q10 stabilizes heartbeat in arrhythmia patients, prevents
atherosclerosis in the arteries by preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol,
improves blood circulation, assists the heart to function normally
in the presence of blood clots, alleviates congestive heart failure,
improves 91% of heart attack patients within 30 days of initial
Co Q10 supplementation, lowers blood pressure, improves the heart’s
ability to survive and produce energy in limited oxygen situations,
helps to prevent stroke, counteracts the toxic effects of ischemia
on the brain and heart, and normalizes heart function in mitral
valve prolapse patients.

For the immune
system, Co Q10 can double the body’s level of protective antibodies,
alleviate allergies, suppress proliferation of cancer cells, boost
immune system chemicals that attack cancer cells, increase the body’s
resistance to virus, and greatly enhance the general function of
the immune system.

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6, 2010

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