Let Teachers Tantrum ... Then Fire Them

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When our son
would tantrum — as all toddlers do at least once — we would calmly
carry him to his room; explain that we did not want to see or hear
such ugliness; and give him permission to rejoin us in the common
areas of the home once he “finished.” Soon…then sooner…then
soonest, he finished and the tantrum phase ended. Toddlers are much
more sensible than many teachers. These public tantrums of public
school teachers proves my point.

the media is leading the way in giving attention to, and becoming
too distraught over, badly behaving teachers. We cannot carry the
teachers to their rooms — let alone force them to actually teach
— but we can ignore them. Like toddlers, they should soon notice
that no one is paying any attention to their fits and spurts. But
on second thought…they have shown that they are not as sensible
like toddlers.

Governors should
fire every teacher who has broken his/her contract. Teachers do
sign contracts, agreeing to expectations that they teach in the
classrooms; not tantrum in the streets. Demonstrating “teachers”
are stupid to not realize that their behavior is inexcusable and
sets a horrible example for students, parents, and the nation as
a whole. I would be willing to bet that these same teachers are
the ones who constantly complain to their principals about rude,
insensitive, and badly behaving students and parents of students.
Monkey see; monkey do.

The teachers
who encouraged their students to leave school, as well, deserve
to be fired plus lose their teaching certificates. They are
not “teachers.” They are agenda-driven individuals and obviously,
their agenda includes neither academics nor instruction. It is a
shame that America no longer pillories people in town squares. Ripe
tomatoes, anyone?

mean a lack of intelligence…plays a very large role in
unions and demonstrations. How else can uneducated, ineffective,
unread teachers remain employed in a nation of crashing standards?
Unions fight accountability. Most individuals choosing “teaching”
as a career in this modern era — of non-readers; poorly educated;
non-thinking; illogical high school graduates — have SAT scores
that rank third (3rd!) from the bottom of the list of professions.
Public school administrators score second (2nd) from the bottom.
Try to sleep at night with those figures — and the consequences
of them — rushing around in your head.

What is to
be done? The question is on the mind of every rational, thinking,
want-the-best-for-children individual. As far as I am concerned,
we need to close all departments of education; withdraw all public
financing; and let the public school system collapse. I have long
advocated for this and I explain more in “Crooked
House; Crumbling Foundation”.
We need not fear such a process
anymore than we fear tearing down a dangerous building in order
to replace it with a safer and more efficient one. Americans, functioning
within their communities
are very resourceful
and will devise better and more affordable
ways to educate the local children. Education only becomes so complex
and problematic when it is turned over to bureaucracies and politicians.
Cut them out of the picture. Ignore them if they take to the streets
to tantrum. There are other choices we can make. Furthermore, we
should make them as soon as possible. Consider the following:

The libertarian
prescription for our educational mess can, then, be summed up
simply: Get the government out of the educational process. The
government has attempted to indoctrinate and mould the nation’s
youth through the public school system, and to mould the future
leaders through State operation and control of higher education.
Abolition of compulsory attendance laws would end the schools’
role as prison custodians of the nation’s youth, and would free
all those better off outside the schools for independence and
for productive work. The abolition of the public schools would
end the crippling property tax burden and provide a vast range
of education to satisfy all the freely exercised needs and demands
of our diverse and varied population. The abolition of government
schooling would end the unjust coerced subsidy granted to large
families, and, often, toward the upper classes and against the
poor. The miasma of government, of moulding the youth of America
in the direction of the State, would be replaced by freely chosen
and voluntary actions – in short, by a genuine and truly free
education, both in and out of formal schools.

~ Murray
Rothbard, For
a New Liberty
, Chapter 7

I have included
links to additional articles that may help you think about and reassess
our disastrous public school system. Do some reading. Do some thinking.
Then fire the teachers and the unions. Literate persons should be
expected to satisfactorily communicate (and solve problems) with
literate bosses and school boards. The unions once worked towards
protecting illiterate workers in harder times. Unions have outworn
their welcome and their usefulness. Fire them.

23, 2010

Schrock Taylor [send
her mail
] is a retired special
education teacher; a reading specialist; former homeschooling parent;
and outspoken constitutionalist. She is slowly writing her first
book on remediating reading skills.

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