Nevada Tea Party Bolts the GOP and Glenn Beck

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The Tea Party
is evidently cutting its ties with the GOP in Nevada and pitching
its own political tent. Certainly the best
Harry Reid has had all year:

columnist Jon Ralston is reporting that the Tea Party has qualified
as a third party in Nevada and will have a candidate in the Senate
race to battle for the seat held by Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The party
has filed a Certificate of Existence but needs to get 1 percent
of the electorate to vote for its candidate in November to permanently
qualify, according to the report.

reported that Jon Ashjian will be the Tea Party’s U.S. Senate
candidate on the November ballot. Ashjian still must declare his

Reid might
actually have a chance if a Tea Party candidate can split the vote
on the right, where Reid is currently down 10 points to most of
his Republican opponents.

But why would
the Tea Party split from the GOP, right after their happy Nashville
convention headlined by Sarah Palin? Well, who knows. It’s
probably been in the works for a while. But last week, after libertarian
gubernatorial candidate Deborah Medina polled only 4 points behind
Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Glenn Beck torpedoed
her as a 9/11 Truther
just as he did Van Jones, cheered on by
and the Washington

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17, 2010

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