You Don't Know Tech: The InfoWorld News Quiz

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Last week’s Apple iPad blitz continued to disrupt this week’s tech
news, affecting Amazon, Google, major book publishers, and makers
of would-be iPad-killers. Still, there was some other news to be
had during Super Sunday Week – like federal agencies and members
of Congress taking a hard look at China’s cyber activities, and
the reappearance of an old blue friend. Ready to tackle our quiz?
Give yourself a touchdown and a field goal (that is, 10 points)
for each correct answer. Now get ready for the snap – we’re about
to get under way.

1. Amazon and Macmillan had quite the public scuffle over ebook
pricing last week. Which of the following statements is not true
about the Amazon-vs.-Macmillan tiff?

a. Amazon did not want to raise prices of ebooks
b. Macmillan is ditching the Kindle for Apple’s iPad
c. In Macmillan’s scheme, it will make less money per ebook
d. In Macmillan’s scheme, Amazon will make more money per ebook

2. Meanwhile, Amazon isn’t taking iPad mania lying down. According
to the New York Times, the online retailer just bought a
touchscreen manufacturer with a touchy-feely name. What is it?

a. TouchMe
b. TouchCo
c. TouchDown
d. Touché

3. To investigate cyber attacks waged on it last December, Google
is enlisting the help of a well-known government agency. Who’s going
after the bad guys for Google?

a. FBI
b. CIA
c. NSA
d. NWA

4. Let the iPad-killer sweepstakes begin: First up, a contestant
from an obscure French company. What is its tablet called?

a. Le Tablet
b. MiniTab
c. ExoPC Slate
d. Touché

5. "This ‘don’t be evil’ mantra. It’s a load of b***s***."
Who be dissing Google and its much ballyhooed motto?

a. Steve Ballmer
b. Jeff Bezos
c. Steve Jobs
d. Premier Wen Jiabao

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8, 2010

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