The Yucca Mountain Blues

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Are you worried
about your “carbon footprint”?

Still think
“global warming” is real despite the fact that one of
its leading advocates, a climatologist, recently said that there’s
no significant data to demonstrate any warming since 1995?

figure out why the White House is still trying desperately to pass
the “Cap-and-Trade” bill based on the totally discredited
claim that carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere are
“causing” the non-existent “global warming”?

Do you increasingly
think that you are Alice in Wonderland and now living in a nation
where the White House and Congress keep telling you things that
are totally absurd?

put aside the claim that we have to borrow and borrow in order to
keep on spending and spending to save the economy when common sense
says that is the worst way to end the economic death spiral they
have created.

The latest
ploy by the White House was a move in the direction of nuclear power
to generate the electricity the nation needs for its current and
future needs. Since the 1970s, for reasons that defy understanding,
several administrations, Democrat and Republican, have done little
to encourage nuclear power despite the fact that a nation like France
derives most of its electricity from it.

Even so, nuclear
provides about twenty percent of the electricity we use while coal
provides just over fifty percent. In both cases, neither has anything
to do with “greenhouse gases” because the gases play no
role in climate change. Indeed, more carbon dioxide, being plant
food, would greatly enhance the growth of crops and forests.

is nothing more than a tax on energy use. Simply put, it has been
cheap, abundant energy that has fueled the economy of the United
States since it was founded. The discovery of oil in 1859 also played
a major role and, despite the lies, the U.S. has an abundance of

Like nuclear
power, however, successive administrations since the 1970s have
ensured that U.S. oil companies were kept from exploring for it,
extracting it, refining it and selling it to us at affordable prices.

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23, 2010

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