Raining on the Governments Parade

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The Lew
Rockwell dot com
and the Ludwig von
Mises Institute
have and continue to do a fabulous job at raining
on the government’s parade and all the fallacies that are floating
around in today’s world. They have time and time again become
a place for minds to create great ideas, theories, articles, and
books to show us just what this world has come to. Government has
for far too long suppressed the best efforts of productive men and
steals tax payer money to produce nothing productive for our end;
all the while they tell us that they are working diligently for
our best interest. One of these days that rain will turn into hail
and a wrath the likes of hurricane Katrina will send a destructive
backlash to all those “legalized” crooks and criminals
living off the successful efforts of the productive minds.

Allow yourself
to wonder if one can keep the four months of salary that you work
hard for but instead have to pay in taxes involuntarily. Feel the
amount of stress that will be lifted off one’s mind come April,
imagine that you can reinvest it into your business and produce
more efficiently to meet the consumers desires and of yours, or
simply take a long needed vacation and you will just begin to envision
what might be possible. Forced voluntary compliance is no friend
of a man that wishes to be the most efficient and productive being
that he can be and keep what is strictly his. Once taxes are implemented,
man’s best efforts, become submarginal.

Boil it down
to the simplest terms and you will get the idea. Man A has forced
upon man B to pay him every year. Man A states he will insure that
he will use that money to look out for the man B’s best interest.
In a truly free market man B would be allowed to decide if he would
gain from paying man A. If the results are no good, man B can stop
anytime. Replace the “men” with “group,” hence
if group A in a free market threatens group B to pay for the services,
this would be called in modern language, government. It sounds harsh,
but simply true. Ask any taxpayer why they pay their taxes and they
will say “because you have to.” They “have to”
because otherwise they will be charged with tax evasion and sent
to jail for not forking up their money that they did all the work

Perhaps the
best example is the greatest investor of the lost decade, Bernard
Madoff. This man ran a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme (PS) and
got caught. To clarify, this man was supposed to have been caught
years before, but due to our efficiently working tax (thanks to
Group B for their taxes) funded Securities and Exchange Commission,
they seem to have fumbled when they received a tip about Madoff
years before. Now let’s see, if all Madoff wanted was to steal
money he could just as easily gotten a government job, or better
yet, if he loved PS’s so much he could have applied for a managerial
position at the Social Security Administration and he would have
been amongst people of his kind.

To sum up PS’s:
run a PS privately and you will, if caught go to jail, but run a
publicly funded PS and you will, if caught, keep your job. If you
run an “inefficient” PS privately, you will fail and go
to jail; if you run an “inefficient” PS publicly, you
will fail and receive more taxpayer dollars.

This originally
appeared on Market Oracle.

19, 2010

Amin [send him mail]
is an Austrian economic, libertarian, and anarcho-capitalist writer.

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