10 Health Benefits of Vinegar

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A Natural Remedy for a Healthier Life

Many of us
are aware of the many ways that vinegar can clean just about anything,
from your windows to the outflow pipes of your air conditioner.
However, how many of us realize the health benefits of vinegar?

Fifty years
ago, a daily dose of an apple cider vinegar and honey tonic was
used to ease arthritis pain. During the last thirty years or so
when many "wonder" drugs came on the market, they replaced
many of the home made remedies of our grandmothers. As we keep exploring
ways for improve health, we are starting to see some medical professionals
supporting those old time cures of the past. This is not to say,
we should get rid of drugs, but at least, they are qualifying what
our grandmothers always knew. And if I have any choices in my life,
it will be to go as natural as possible with my health.

Vinegar is
a weak acid. History goes back to Hippocrates’ time when it was
used as a medicine and antiseptic. Here are some areas that can
help you by using vinegar in your health.

1. Insect bites
or stings will be soothed quickly by pouring vinegar on it.

2. Pour vinegar
on sunburn.

3. If you drink
a teaspoon or so of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water to help
with digestion, bowel function, cholesterol, and even preventing
ulcers. With the latter you might have to help a little with the
stress of course.

4. Salicylic
acid is what you use on warts. Vinegar is acetic acid and works
in the same way, however more gently.

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2, 2009

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