Maintain Your Body's Critical Waste Filters

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Kidneys are
the organs that maintain our water balance and help manage the pH
of our bodies. While we generally think of kidneys as organs that
get rid of water, they actually conserve water by filtering waste
products into urine while returning the rest to the blood stream.
Approximately 100 quarts of liquid are filtered through the kidneys
daily with only 1 quarts passing out of the body as urine.

High protein
diets are hard on the kidneys. Uric acid, a by-product of protein
metabolism, must be eliminated by the kidneys. If too much protein
is consumed, the kidneys get overloaded with waste which can result
in high blood pressure, joint problems, and fluid retention. Many
of the herbs used for kidney conditions help to neutralize uric
acid so that it can be eliminated.

Chinese medicine views the kidney as a major energy channel or meridian
in the body. Imbalances along this energy channel tend to affect
other parts of the body related to this energy channel. Accordingly,
kidney imbalances may relate to dry mouth, lung congestion, low
back or hip pain, knee and ankle pain or proneness to injury, and/or
hemorrhoids, hernia or tailbone pain. Working with kidney-strengthening
herbs can help alleviate symptoms along this energy channel.

Kidney stones
and calcification in the kidneys are problems partially caused by
excess calcium in the urine.

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12, 2009

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