How Do I Keep My Kids (and Myself) From Getting Sick?

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‘How do
I keep my kids from getting sick?’ is a question I get asked
a lot this time of year. I think it is an important question for
adults as well as kids – especially as we head into the holidays.
It always seems to me that some of the worst cold and flu outbreaks
occur right after the holidays.

I have several
theories. The first is about exchanging bugs (virus and bacteria)
with our cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, etc. The second
theory is our exposure to extremely rich food, upsetting our digestive
tract which holds a significant part of our immunity. The third
theory is about cold cloudy days without enough sunlight which reduces
our daily vitamin D levels.

I don’t
get very concerned about my first theory. It is a necessary part
of family life which I wouldn’t want to be without. So see
if you can have the biggest Christmas ever and make sure you see
everyone you are even remotely kin to. Follow the advice below to
keep your immune system tuned up so that the virus and bacteria
do not take hold in your system.

The second
theory is where I think most of us could use some help. The typical
American diet tends to have too much refined food in it. The refined
food along with too much sugar makes us prone to ‘dysbiosis’
or bad biology in our intestines.

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26, 2009

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