People Who Look Young 'Live for Longer'

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The findings
seem to offer proof that healthy lifestyles really do help people
to stay young looking.

found that the oldest looking twin in a pair was the more likely
of the two to die first.

Their research
also shows that the bigger the difference between their perceived
ages the more likely it was that the older one died earliest.

In 2001 volunteers
were asked to guess the ages of 1,826 twins aged 70 or older.

Death records
were then used to track the survival of the twins over the next
seven years.

Even adjusting
for their real age, sex, and the environment in which they grew
up, the perceived age of the twins was linked to their physical
and mental agility and with the ability of their cells ability to
replicate, a key sign of ageing.

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17, 2009

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