The Power of Multivitamins Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease Death

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The Fred Hutchinson
Cancer Research Center has encouraging news for those that have
been taking multivitamins, and maybe some motivation for those that
have been considering taking them. They recently completed a study
that showed evidence that those that take multivitamins regularly
for long periods of time may decrease their risk of dying from heart
disease by 16 percent. In fact, daily supplements of vitamin E taken
over a 10-year time frame are believed to reduce the risk of death
from heart disease by 28 percent according to the study which was
published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Studies Rebutted

The new research
is a serious rebut to the previous 2004 report published in the
Annals of Internal Medicine. That report showed that multivitamins,
and specifically vitamin E, actually inflated the risk of “all-cause
mortality.” The new report was also a blow to another more
recently published research study. The study published in 2007 in
the Journal of American Medical Association alleged that
vitamin A, vitamin E, and beta-carotene could raise the risk of
death by 16 percent.

Neither of
these two past reports lined up with the new conclusions that the
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center reported. The new Washington
study had much more favorable results for these supplements. Their
research results showed the following:

  • Multivitamins
    did not lower the risk of causes of death other than heart disease.
  • Vitamin
    E and multivitamins were not associated to a rise in cancer deaths.
  • Vitamin
    E and C slightly decreased the risk of overall death.

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18, 2009

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