Secession: Timing Is Everything

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Not so long
ago, secession was a taboo subject for discussion in polite society.
It was almost un-American to thoughtfully consider a state leaving
the Union for any reason. Everyone thought that Lincoln's War settled
that issue. But today's America is a seething cauldron of resentment
toward Washington and the "Mobocracy Looter Minions" that
populate the District of Columbia and its suburbs.

If you watch
any news service for seven days, you'll learn that the dollar is
weak and growing weaker. You'll learn that other nations are preparing
to disconnect from the dollar as the world's reserve currency. And
you'll learn that America is in big trouble, at home and around
the world. (Wonder why Chicago didn't get the Olympics? What countries
like the USA right now?)

Over half of
the American states have passed legislative resolutions exerting
their rights under the Tenth Amendment. That's nice, and symbolic…and
somewhat unusual for slaves to stand up to the plantation owner.
But it's not really necessary.

So when is
the best time to actually pull the trigger and secede from the United

I believe that
states should be making concrete plans right now for secession.
States already have intricate plans in place in case of natural
disasters and such. Should not a state have a plan in place in case
of political disaster?

The United
States Federal Government is a dying monster. But is still possesses
political might, military might and potency. Dying monsters quite
often thrash about and injure those that are too nearby. So at this
point in time, while Washington still APPEARS viable, state secession
would not seem to be a wise move.

After all,
why would a state willingly take the chance of incurring the wrath
of Washington? It would be like in the Tolkien movie "Return
of the King," when the good guys presented themselves at the
Black Gate to divert the gaze of Sauron's all-seeing eye. Washington
might turn its fury on a seceding state to make an example of it,
in order to discourage any other state from trying secession.

is working 24/7 to produce substantive changes in American governance
and culture. And, at some point, some state might decide that enough
is enough. But I believe that it will take an event that happens
outside of Washington to bring about Washington's collapse.

The most likely
event is the worldwide rejection of the US Dollar as reserve currency,
and the worldwide use of any other currency as reserve. Even the
change of the dollar as the currency of choice of any major petroleum
bourse will spell disaster for the dollar.

Iran has already
formed an oil bourse, which uses the Euro, the Iranian Rial and
a basket of other currencies as the settlement currency for petro
transactions. Its first day of trading was Monday, October 26, 2009,
on the Free Trade Zone Iranian island of Kish. Iran, having the
world's second largest gas reserves and third largest oil reserves,
is trying to play a more active role in oil and petrochemical transactions
in international markets.

Between the
rejection of the dollar worldwide, and the selloff of US Government
securities by nations like China, combined with runaway money printing
by Washington and the hyperinflation that MUST follow, the dollar
has nowhere to go but down…and precipitously.

The value of
the dollar will tumble against other currencies…very soon. It
will happen as other nations scramble to get rid of American currency
and securities holdings and protect the very survival of their own
nations. Washington has been passing bad checks for too long, and
the nations are stepping to the pay window.

It is at this
moment in time, when the dollar freefalls, that the states will
have a golden opportunity to secede. States must do what it takes
to assure their own survival, and not as a slave state to Washington.
But a secession alone won't solve anything. The heavy lifting just
begins when a state secedes.

First there
would have to be a Provisional Government installed until the formal
government could be designed and brought into being as a legal entity.

The very next
thing that MUST be settled is the issue of money. If a new nation
adopts the very same banking environment that America has right
now, the new nation will be doomed to fail. The new nation MUST
have a 100% gold/silver standard. It must also prohibit by law fractional
reserve banking. Both government monopoly on monetary policy and
fractional reserve banking are counterfeiting by another name. It
must be prevented before it starts.

policy and banking worldwide is failing. A new nation needs to go
another way, and that way is to return to sound money. Most of the
other challenges that a new nation would face will be easier if
the new nation has money backed with precious metals at 100% reserve.
But you cannot counterfeit your way to liberty and prosperity.

Timing is everything.
If states secede at the time that Washington is drowning in worldwide
debt and the financial markets worldwide cause the collapse of the
dollar, Washington may be powerless to stop secession. Ask Moscow
how well they stopped the secession of the Western Soviet republics
in 1989.

I know I'm
getting to be "Johnny One-Note" about monetary policy,
but that should tell you how crucial it is. Remember that no nation
in the history of the world has survived that counterfeited its
money. Not one. Ever.

But also remember
that the Byzantine empire, on a gold standard, lasted over a thousand
years…until it debased its own money.

  1. A bourse
    is a commodities exchange in oil, petroleum and natural gas.

3, 2009

D. Longcore [send him
] is president of Abigail Morgan Austin Publishing Company.
He is married to “his Redhead” Julie, has three wonderful children
and three even more wonderful grandchildren. Visit his secessionist
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