It's Ron Paul's Destiny Alex Jones Says He Must Run for President in 2012

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by Ron Paul: Be
Prepared for the Worst

Texas radio
show host and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones recently made a call
for Republican Congressman Ron Paul to run for the Presidency in

filmmaker of such pictures as Endgame:
Blueprint for Global Enslavement
and Fall
of the Republic
, Alex Jones recently drafted
former 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul for the Presidency
in 2012, according to Russia

He said: "Just
because he has a good chance of winning doesn’t mean he’ll
actually win, but resistance is victory, and we need him in the
campaign, in the debates, to be injecting real issues and shattering
a left-right paradigm and showing that both major political parties
and the candidates that they select for the people are controlled
by the very same shadow interest that are now openly starting up
this new world order, this global government."

Jones added
that since President Barack Obama’s approval rating is slipping,
now would be the perfect opportunity for a "truly Constitutional
candidate" to run for the Presidency. He also thinks that Dr.
Paul’s 2012 bid would "wake America up" and force the
mainstream media to report the important issues.

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5, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

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