Why Switzerland Is Still Free and America Is Not

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The American
Time magazine article headline asks, "Will
Switzerland Vote to Ban Minarets on Mosques?

Swiss citizens
are becoming concerned about the threat that Islam presents to their
traditional culture, economy and religious institutions. As an American,
I know how I would vote were I Swiss but the decision will be made
by the Swiss electorate as they have this referendum right on all

In Switzerland,
the people still rule and have the ultimate right to decide decisions
above the government or parliament. Through the right of referendum
they can cancel legislation and with the initiative they can pass
or create legislative action on issues parliament refuses to act

The bias and
closed statist views shown in the article is business as usual for
the US media elites out to protect the American political establishment
and are so evident in this headline and article. It isn't the question
they asked but rather the question they didn't dare ask is the "700-lb
gorilla in the room."

Quoting from
the article, "Critics say the SVP, the largest party in Switzerland’s
coalition government, has taken advantage of the country’s unique
brand of direct democracy to push its populist, anti-immigrant agenda
on the Swiss electorate. Citizens have the right to propose new
laws in Switzerland — the only thing they need to force a nationwide
vote on an initiative is a petition of 100,000 signatures."

The question
not asked is why doesn't the American electorate have oversight
over legislation and unpopular government regulations in the United
States like in Switzerland? Imagine if 4% of the American voters
signed a petition requiring a nationwide vote "yea or nay"
on the banking bailouts, going to war in Iraq, auditing the Federal
Reserve, nationalized health care or on the trillions in new Washington
debt added because of the financial meltdown. The United States
would still be a decentralized republic with limited government
had we had the political option to hold back Washington and the
special interests.

How America
would be different if we had Swiss-style political rights to restrain
government where the people rule instead of the special interests.
Imagine an America where the billions in graft and political influence
that control Congress could still buy legislation but not ultimate
control if we as a people could overrule their actions.

What if the
will of the people still ultimately controlled the political system
and direction with true limited government at the federal, state
and local level? Imagine the American electorate overriding Congress
and demanding a strong dollar backed by real gold reserves, an audit
of the Federal Reserve, a rollback of the bailouts, a declaration
of war for foreign military intervention, the abolishment of the
Patriot Act and a return to banking privacy.

Yes, a Swiss
political party (The Swiss Peoples Party) promotes a nationalist
agenda to the Swiss voters and they will ultimately decide in referendum
yes or no on the issue. This is currently impossible in the United
States but Swiss direct democracy and limited confederation government
have worked in Switzerland for hundreds of years.

This is far
superior to the two-party monopoly in America where the elites controlling
both parties can push their self-serving agendas without restraint.
Currently, short of the Tenth Amendment movement, state nullification
or outright state secession, there is no real effective way to push
back against Washington.

Until the American
people can find a way to restrain the Federal government, the bureaucracy
and the judiciary, the best place for Americans to secure and safeguard
their wealth is outside their own country. Switzerland is one of
the best jurisdictions to consider because their political system
has preserved the rights and freedoms we once had as Americans.
Still the ultimate problem for Americans is the necessity to restore
our liberties at home because history has shown that wealth without
liberty is only a temporary condition at best.

say, it is time to take a real look at direct democracy in the United
States or else Americans who value their property and liberties
will have little choice but to first transfer their wealth to safety
outside the US as it will be lost in the coming crash of treasury
debt and the dollar. Next we must stand and fight the Washington
leviathan through the political tools of the 10th amendment
and John C. Calhoun's political ideal of nullification both of which
the Feds will probably just ignore. Our final democratic political
tool is to exercise the political right of state-by-state secession
with all the political and historical baggage this entails.

Trust me, Swiss
style direct democracy in the United States would be an easier way
to control Washington and the special interests but we only have
a few years before the Washington debt and dollar collapse is upon
us. Therefore I'll close with a question. Is anybody here for secession?

12, 2009

Holland [send him
] works
in Zurich and is a co-editor of the Swiss
Mountain Vision Newsletter

Best of Ron Holland

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