How To Grow Fresh Air Houseplants can reduce stress and illness, and improve wellbeing

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New research
shows that ornamental plants can drastically reduce levels of stress
and ill health and boost performance levels at work because they
soak up harmful indoor air pollution.

have now identified five "super ornamental plants" which
every workplace should have to clean up indoor air.

They include
English ivy, waxy leaved plants and ferns.

According to
a World Health Organisation report in 2002, harmful indoor pollutants
represent a serious health problem that is responsible for more
than 1.6 million deaths each year.

Indoor air
is up to 12 times more polluted than outdoor air in some areas,
with air quality affected by chemicals from paints, varnishes, adhesives,
furnishings, clothing, solvents, building materials and even tap

These produce
so-called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that have been shown
to cause illnesses in people who are exposed to the compounds in
indoor spaces.

Now horticulture
experts in the US have tested a number of ornamental indoor plants
for their ability to remove harmful VOCs from indoor air.

Stanley Kays,
the lead researcher at University of Georgia, said some indoor plants
have the ability to effectively remove harmful VOCs from the air
and not only improve physical health, but also someone’s wellbeing.

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7, 2009

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