The Best Excuse Yet for Men Not To Do Housework It Can Make It Harder To Have Children

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It’s the get-out
clause work-shy husbands have been praying for for years.

A study has
found that household chores – including using a vacuum cleaner
or microwave oven – could reduce a man’s chances of having

exposed male volunteers to electromagnetic fields – high doses
of which are produced by all electrically charged objects, including
refrigerators and vacuum cleaners – and found such exposure
could double the risk of having poor-quality sperm.

Fertility expert
Dr De-Kun Li said his work provides the first evidence of a link
between electrical goods and declining male fertility.

Dr Li, of Stanford
University, California, said: ‘I would advise men and couples
trying for a baby to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic fields
as much as possible.

not saying you shouldn’t use a microwave but it makes sense
to turn it on, then move away and go back when it is done. Keep
devices, especially those with electric motors, away from the body.’

The study recruited
148 donors at a sperm bank in Shanghai. Tests showed that 76 had
poor sperm mobility, shape or count, while 72 had good-quality sperm.

Those volunteers
whose job involved working with high temperatures or being exposed
to chemicals linked to sperm damage such as solvents and pesticides
were excluded.

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20, 2009

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