The Day Global Warming Stood Still

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From the mainstream press we read, “As scientists confirm
the earth has not warmed at all in the past decade, others wonder
how this could be and what it means for Copenhagen. It will be a
very cold winter of discontent for the warm-mongers. The climate
show-and-tell in Copenhagen next month will be nothing more than
a meaningless carbon-emitting jaunt, unable to decide just whom
to blame or how to divvy up the profitable spoils of climate
change hysteria

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, the leading Republican on the Environment
and Public Works Committee said, “Until this year, any scientist,
reporter or politician who dared raise even the slightest suspicion
about the science behind global warming was dismissed and repeatedly
mocked. Today I have been vindicated.”

And then we find out that hackers broke into the computer network
run by the Hadley Climate Research Unit, removing 61 megabytes of
e-mails and data, which they promptly spilled onto the Web and reveal
something startling: The scientists at Hadley, one of the world’s
leading climate change study centers, aren’t scientifically
objective at all. If true, this is massive scientific fraud.

It was almost two years ago that I first reported on Global Cooling
and I had waited a full year before I did so because I wanted to
be sure before I risked being such a contrarian on this hugely important
subject. Now
even the BBC is weighing in on global cooling as are many others.

October 2009 will go down as the 3rd coolest October on record
for the United States, according
to the National Climatic Data Center
(NCDC). Records go back
to 1880.

The mainstream press is finally coming to the conclusion that the
entire climate debate about global warming is about to collapse
so they had better get out of that game and come clean with what
is happening with the sun and what that means for planet earth and
all the people on it. The
global warming gig has played itself out
and has only gone on
as long as it has because climate change was a weapon for more mass

Global warming is hard to maintain as heaters across the country
are being turned on much earlier than usual. Stunning records for
cold were set across the nation increasing the demand for heating
fuels over the weekend. The Chicago Marathon, according to the Chicago
Tribune, had its coldest start since a 33 degree low in 2002 which
they say was a far cry from 2007 when temperatures soared into the
upper 80s and officials canceled the marathon after 3 1/2 hours
into the event.

In Denver it was reported that an arctic cold front moved in and
broke a cold temperature record that stood for 104 years. In fact
on the 9th of October Denver saw temperatures plunge 23 degrees
in five hours setting the stage to make that record low. There
were record lows in many parts of the country
like Wyoming,
Utah, Illinois and Iowa and if records were not broken in many areas
it was extremely close.

So it might be a long hard winter in the northern hemisphere and
that is bad news for the many who can hardly afford increased heating
bills. It was not that long ago that we read the headlines of thousands
dying from the heat; soon it will be from the cold and already we
are hearing of the mounting deaths from the flu, which gets its
fuel from the cold weather.

Throughout history we have had men and women leaders from the earliest
times leading humanity toward destruction and ruin and it is not
hard to understand their motives of corruption, power and greed.
In December leaders from all over the world are gathering in Copenhagen
and the good news about this meeting is that God himself did an
end run around them mocking the meeting and exposing these men and
women who work for the world’s elite; who just cannot seem
to get it straight what it means to be a human being. The Copenhagen
Treaty was meant to create a world government for the purpose of
policing all nations for their carbon emissions but they are being
foiled by Nature who just does not want to cooperate. The best laid
plans of both mice and men get broken asunder and that’s just
the way life is.

As politicians they were making their plans to sign an international
treaty about global warming and carbon taxes – setting up structures
for increased power of the now partially in place world government
– record-breaking cold temperatures were being set in both
Europe and America. We still see news about global warming when
it is clear that the world is in a period of cooling as the sun
cycles down and sun spots vanish and the oceans cool.

As a startling example of how a central world leader can weigh
in on the wrong side; a few weeks ago U.N. Secretary-General Ban
Ki-moon said he’s hopeful the U.S. Senate will pass a significant
bill to limit carbon emissions because of global warming. Such is
the arrogance of the world’s elite and the political people
who follow them that even with the deep chill surrounding window
panes everywhere even before real winter sets in they had every
intention of signing this treaty until President Obama threw in
the towel.

Don J. Easterbrook comes to the conclusion
, “Global warming
(i.e., the warming since 1977) is over. The minute increase of anthropogenic
CO2 in the atmosphere (0.008%) was not the cause of the warming
– it was a continuation of natural cycles that occurred over
the past 500 years. The PDO cool mode has replaced the warm mode
in the Pacific Ocean, virtually assuring us of about 30 years of
global cooling, perhaps much deeper than the global cooling from
about 1945 to 1977. Just how much cooler the global climate will
be during this cool cycle is uncertain. Recent solar changes suggest
that it could be fairly severe, perhaps more like the 1880 to 1915
cool cycle than the more moderate 1945–1977 cool cycles. A
more drastic cooling, similar to that during the Dalton and Maunder
minimums, could plunge the Earth into another Little Ice Age, but
only time will tell if that is likely.”

Meanwhile despite the international financial crisis pollution
is still increasing as we continue to blanket the planet with mercury
from coal fired electrical plants around the world. Mercury and
thousands of other chemicals continue to be released in staggering
tonnages and this is the real threat that we and our children face.
Again they had most people worrying about the wrong thing –
our old friend CO2.

Should we count the huge tonnage of Coke and Pepsi into our calculations
of poisons released on earth directly into peoples’ guts?

Things are quite a bit different today than in 1918 when the last
pandemic (first large experimental vaccine program) happened. Today
people and our children are walking chemical time bombs. Diseases
are accidents only waiting to happen and the triggers that will
set us off get more fine-haired every year. The global catastrophe
with chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart and neurological
diseases has more too do with chemical poisoning running head on
into nutritional deficiencies; and the fact that too many have lost
their souls and don’t know truth from untruth anymore than
anything else.

We could easily conclude that vaccines and influenza viruses both
are hair triggers but for some unfortunately they are hard hammers.

This article
originally appeared on

30, 2009

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