Architectural Magazine's Editor Questions Global Warming: Hysteria Ensues

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My heroine
of the week is Amanda Baillieu, editor of architects’ trade
journal Building Design. She noticed that when Environment
Secretary Hillary Benn gave a talk at the Royal Institute of British
Architects the other day on the looming peril of ManBearPig, hardly
anyone bothered to turn up.

In an extremely
brave editorial entitled “Is
Global Warming Hot Air?
” she speculated that the reason
may have been because even architects are getting tired of listening
to hysterical drivel about impending eco-doom and the so-called
“consensus” on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

In fact,
you’d be forgiven for not knowing there is a debate because
it’s certainly discouraged by the RIBA, whose successive
presidents have said that fighting climate change is the biggest
challenge facing the profession.

While there’s
no argument that natural resources such as water need to be conserved
and low-energy buildings make sense, the scientific evidence has
now shifted enough to warrant a more questioning position on climate

The editorial
was brave because it’s still extremely rare for any editor
in the mainstream media to question the prevailing orthodoxy on
ManBearPig. Braver still because it is a known fact that 99.82 per
cent of all architects (not my mates the Lahiffs, I don’t think,
but pretty much all the others) are achingly worthy, politically
correct, Big-State-endorsing toadies. (They have to be because Government
projects are where all the money is.)

The response
has been much
more mixed than you might imagine
. Here are some of the more
positive responses:

There are
lots of people out there, including droves of architects, who
take on the accepted view and know absolutely nothing about global
warming, so why should they silence debate on the basis that the
person who disagrees also doesn’t know. This is just a new
religion where heretics are to be silenced.

and incorrectly sustainability/energy conservation as the sole
cause of global warming has become the new “sacred cow”
which is only very rarely questioned given the risk of general

The environmental
movement is a beating stick used by governments. All you believers
will be in for quite the shock when you cannot afford to turn
on the heating or even have a drink of water, because you cannot
afford it.

it has also led to a cat-fight, of sorts, with a female columnist
from rival publication Architects’ Journal. Hattie Harman
– the AJ’s
Sustainability Editor
, no less – takes Baillieu apart for
her incorrect thinking.

the rest of the article

19, 2009

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