The Health Benefits of Organic Locally Grown Raw Honey

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Not Just Great Tasting

Perhaps your
parents failed to mention it when they discussed the birds and the
bees with you. But, honey has a long history of healing, too.

Really, it’s
been used for centuries for its healing properties, as well as its
sweetness. People use it to bake with. It requires you to use less
heat. Its tasty flavor is one reason many people prefer it over
table sugar. Besides that, honey is much sweeter than regular table
sugar and better for you.

It’s best
if you buy locally grown organic raw honey whenever you can. Locally
grown because it’s produced by bees which are from the environment
in which you live. It is always best to grow or consume foods from
the area in which you live as they contain the immune stimulating
properties needed for your body to adapt to its environment. Fresh
raw honey will also be tastier, and more potent. And, when you buy
from local independent farmers you help keep them in business, which
is good for your economy.

Eight Health
Benefits of Honey

As a healing
remedy, honey can address multiple issues. There are far more benefits
from taking honey than I will include here. Scientific research
is ongoing surrounding the benefits of this remarkable substance.
I’ve included some interesting benefits you may not know about.

  • Taking
    organic raw honey is a healthy way to get an energy boost. Its
    carbohydrates supply us with energy and strength. It can boost
    your endurance and reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Honey is
    a great aid in relieving morning sickness, reportedly even more
    effective than traditional soda crackers. It’s also good
    for sore throats including laryngitis and pharyngitis.
  • Honey and
    cinnamon can help in many areas including relief from bladder
    infections, arthritis, upset stomach and bad breath. It’s
    even supposed to be able to slow down hair loss.
  • Honey can
    be used as a medication for men with problems of impotence and
    women with problems related to infertility. Warm raw goat milk
    and raw honey is believed to increase sperm count considerably.

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16, 2009

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