UK Inquiry: Blair Conspired with Bush as Early as February 2002 to Plot Iraq Invasion

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by David Lindorff:
President Obama: Don’t Lecture China onCensorship

Most Americans
are blissfully in the dark about it, but across the Atlantic in
the UK, a commission reluctantly established by Prime Minister Gordon
Brown under pressure from anti-war activists in Britain is beginning
hearings into the actions and statements of British leaders that
led to the country’s joining the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Even before
testimony began in hearings that started yesterday, news began to
leak out from documents obtained by the commission that the government
of former PM Tony Blair had lied to Parliament and the public about
the country’s involvement in war planning.

Telegraph newspaper over the weekend published documents
from British military leaders, including a memo from British special
forces head Maj. Gen. Graeme Lamb, saying that he had been instructed
to begin “working the war up since early 2002.”

This means
that Blair, who in July 2002, had assured members of a House of
Commons committee that there were “no preparations to invade
Iraq,” was lying.

Things are
likely to heat up when the commission begins hearing testimony.
It has the power, and intends to compel testimony from top government
officials, including Blair himself.

While some
American newspapers, including the Philadelphia
, have run an Associated Press report on the new
disclosures and on the commission, key news organizations, including
the New York Times, have not. The Times ignored the
Telegraph report, but a day later ran an article about the
British commission that focused entirely on evidence that British
military leaders in Iraq felt “slighted” by “arrogant”
American military leaders who, the article reported, pushed for
aggressive military action against insurgent groups, while British
leaders preferred negotiating with them.

While that
may be of some historical interest, it hardly compares with the
evidence that Blair and the Bush/Cheney administration were secretly
conspiring to invade Iraq as early as February and March 2002.

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26, 2009

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