Dying To Serve: The Great American Problematic. The Youth and Imperial Justification

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There are
a collection of problems facing this newest form of empire, American-led
though it may be. The problems facing the nation-state of America
are just those that impair the empire’s ability to grow. It
shall grow at the expense of the American people, their prosperity,
their future and their children’s futures. America will slowly
drift to a level of standards well-below what even our parents dreamt
of; below everything the present generation (say the 17–37
year olds) had hoped for. "The American standard of living
‘must’ drop…" Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker proclaimed
when he took office under Jimmy Carter during 1979. Less than a
generation later, we are about to see the bottom fall out of it.
Here is but a taste of what the American regime, as nation-state,
faces because of its manipulated misdirection into an all encompassing
global regime: the American-led corporate global empire – Imperium
in Imperio.

  1. American
    illiteracy increasing in youth;
  2. unemployment
    increasing quarterly (especially minority youth);
  3. excessive
    college student enrollments (some remain in school 8 years);
  4. student
    loans not repaid;
  5. record personal
  6. record business
    bankruptcies (more unemployment);
  7. aging demographics
    (Social Security);
  8. retirement
    accounts insufficient, savings eroded (interest rates at or near
  9. foreign
    bond holdings disappearing (foreigners holding U.S. debt, etc.);
  10. Europeans
    & oil producers threatening to go to Euro for oil purchases;
  11. Europeans
    talking of Euro as reserve currency;
  12. Social Security,
    Medicare, Medicaid out-year deficits;
  13. federal
    tax base eroding;
  14. further
    layoffs anticipated;
  15. States in
    deficit fiscal crises;
  16. record personal
  17. jobs, white
    collar and manufacturing;
  18. further
    mergers and acquisitions;
  19. further
    centralization of major industries;
  20. housing
  21. stock market
    speculation returning (bubble);
  22. interest
    rates unrealistically low;
  23. U.S. federal
    deficit heading for record highs;
  24. the Fed
    increasing (record) money supply;
  25. U.S. dollar
    in crisis;
  26. U.S. military
    engagements planned globally;
  27. planned
    larger deployments (footprint) of U.S. Military;
  28. Army Reserves
    and National Guard deployments;
  29. Reserves
    and Guard recruitment off (resignations imminent);
  30. two or more
    intractable guerrilla wars in Middle East & Central Asia;
  31. recession
    or worse (deflation) anticipated by all knowledgeable observers
  32. present
    administration’s imperial perspective (neo-empire);
  33. and finally,
    the potential escalation of the drug war in Latin America (which
    is on the table presently though the other two AOs dominate the

These are just
a few of the real problems within and without the American-led empire
under the current George W. Bush Junior regime. Given these problems
the administration knows they must be addressed in fundamental ways
immediately in the aftermath of the next presidential elections;
provided the current White House resident remains in office. This
is less problematic than most want to admit. The primary reasons
why Mr. Bush will likely be reelected are three fold: 1) The Republicans
(primarily Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush) have raised a record $250 million
for the race, or twice that of all Democrats taken together (another
less speculative reason inherent is also the weakness of the Democrats
running; 2) the "economy stupid" rhetoric on the left
Democratic side is a fallacy; Bush Senior was unaffected by the
same scenario when he ran for his second term in office. The realty
isn’t that the economy brought him down, that is utterly untrue
– it was Ross Perot who took 21 percent of the vote in 37 states
to hand Bill Clinton a victory (twice Perot performed this function
granting the unpopular Clinton two victories with less than half
the votes counted, or a mere 43 percent the first time). Also the
economy is being manipulated by the Federal Reserve system’s
Chairman Alan Greenspan who (clearly) has agreed to "float"
another false speculative boom which gives the illusion of recovery
because the American people, given the 1st "problem" set
out above, simply do not understand economics 101; and finally 3)
Mr. Bush will be running as the war president once again as both
fronts (Iraq and Afghanistan) escalate and more Americans die, and
should a terrorist attack of some level occur on American soil prior
to the election’s vote, something which would surprise nobody,
Mr. Bush will be a "shoe-in," as our war-president!

what will Mr. Bush’s top advisors, neo-conservatives to a man,
advise he do to alleviate the situations outlined above. It becomes
clear there are but a few rather distasteful decisions which must
be made and policies implemented few would wish to be part of. But
the current crop of neocons have an inherent belief system (See
my article titled Universal Fascism, www.informationclearinghouse.com)
which allows for just such Machiavellian approaches to be drafted.

What is that
one solution, maybe the only solution, to all the problems above,
that "in fact" encompasses almost all of the 33 points,
that can and will accomplish the objectives? Let us look at what
is being discussed in the press right now during the last week of
August, 2003:

Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Wednesday that American military
commanders in Iraq believed that the size of the force there was
adequate, even in the aftermath of Tuesday’s deadly bombing of
the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad…. Rumsfeld told a news conference
in the Honduran capital that Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz
had spoken with commanders in Iraq "and they reiterated their
belief that the size of the force in Iraq is appropriate today."

at the moment the conclusion of the responsible military officials
is that the force levels are where they should be," Rumsfeld
said. (Source: Rumsfeld Says Current Troop Level in Iraq Adequate,
Wednesday, August 20, 2003; TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras [Reuters] )

Mr. Rumsfeld,
has been wrong on so many counts, regarding Pentagon policy and
the deployments in both Areas of Operations (AOs), one must be cognizant
of his reasoning why he states these kinds of things above, knowing
full-well they are quite untrue. The truth is not held in high esteem
by neo-conservatives as is well-known by now. He does protest
too much and the matter is addressed by others more straight
forward; indeed what follows is what is understood by some, as being
put forward to prepare the public for the inevitable actions of
those in power must do, but without the actual reasons for it being
stated. Here is groundwork for a future policy already being set
out at the highest level of government.

[THE] leading
Republican Senator John McCain said yesterday that the United
States needed additional troops in Iraq to deal with increasingly
more sophisticated attacks against US forces and strategic targets.
…Mr. McCain, a member of the armed services committee, said
from Baghdad – where he met the US civilian governor, Paul
Bremer, and US generals – that troops had a tough time ahead
and needed help…. "I don’t think any of us –
including them [US troops] – anticipated the amount and sophistication
of these attacks," the Arizona senator said. … "I
think they may need more people, both in the military overall
and perhaps here on the ground. That’s one of the things,
I think, we will be looking at." …Mr. McCain, a Vietnam
War veteran, did not specify how many more troops he thought were
needed. According to the Pentagon, there are about 140,000 US
troops in Iraq. While most Iraqis were relieved Saddam Hussein
had been ousted, Mr. McCain said they were frustrated at the level
of services such as electricity and water. "Then when you
layer on top of that, a group of criminals, Baathists and outright
terrorists, and we have a significant problem here. We cannot
afford to lose this. We need to do whatever is necessary,"
he said. He believed the American people had been misled over
how tough the job was in Iraq. (Source: Senator says more troops
needed; MARGARET NEIGHBOUR, The Washington Post, August
20, 2003)

Senator McCain
is a supporter of this president’s war-making and proposals
for enhancing the U.S. military footprint globally. As he put it,
the American people "have been misled." And we must do
whatever it takes to win the situation over there in Iraq and Afghanistan,
as "We cannot afford to lose this." While this is simply
untrue on the face of it, there are reasons why Mr. McCain is putting
this before the public in this manner. His closing statement is
where the truth in imbedded, like some hack journalist during Operation
"whatever." It was this: "We need to do whatever
is necessary."

What do we
need to do that "is necessary"? Before I get to that let
us hear what the problem is "structured as, and sold to"
the American people as being. Getting wider play is that America,
or the American-led empire, which is closer to the truth, is getting
spread thin, imperial over-reach is what it is called in International
Relations language (IR). The recent bombing in Iraq has begun to
bring home the point.

The deadly
bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad has come
on the heels of reports that Islamic militants from several countries
have been moving into Iraq to join battle with American forces.
A UK-based Saudi dissident, Saad al-Fagui, claimed this week that
up to 3,000 men had gone "missing" from Saudi Arabia
amid a crackdown on Islamic extremists. "The government assumption
is that they have fled to Iraq," he said…. Daniel Neep,
the head of the Middle East and North Africa programme at the
Royal United Services Institute, said of the UN bombing: "I
would very much suspect that this is not an isolated incident.
It is part of a wider trend." Mr Neep added: "The US
is already very thinly stretched, and the expanded targets will
make it even more stretched." (Source: Saudi
rebels cross the border to help bleed US forces to death
Aug 2003.)

The problem
is addressed yet again within just days of each other in various
press reports. This next article reproduced here in its substantial
original form is important, as these are the discussions going on
within the Republican Party and yet refuted by the administration,
refuted, in my opinion disingenuously. I would suggest that this
is precisely what the Administration’s elite are speaking to
currently, quietly, not to be discussed publicly yet…until after
the election is won. Then the gloves come off.

may fly over a land forever; you may bomb it, atomize it, pulverize
it and wipe it clean of life – but if you desire to defend it,
protect it and keep it for civilization, you must do this on the
ground, the way the Roman legions did, by putting your young men
into the mud." … Those words, written nearly 40 years ago
by my good friend T.R. Fehrenbach in the definitive work on the
Korean War, "This Kind of War: A Study in Unpreparedness"
– still ring true today. Our recent operations in Afghanistan
and Iraq reinforce those very lessons. We prosecuted a very successful
war, but if we are going to bring freedom and democracy to the
Iraqi and Afghan people while preserving the peace elsewhere,
we will need young men and women with their boots on the ground.
I am increasingly concerned we don’t have enough soldiers and
Marines to do all the jobs that must be done. …Shortly before
he retired, Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki advised that postwar
Iraq might require several hundred thousand soldiers and Marines
to keep the peace. Gen. Shinseki commanded peacekeeping operations
in both Bosnia and Kosovo, and he knows what it takes to get the
job done right. But if we were to place several hundred thousand
troops in Iraq, the unfortunate truth is that the Army may be
stretched too thin elsewhere. Indeed, the man nominated to take
his place, Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, is another who apparently
doesn’t shy from offering his frank opinion. He recently said,
"Intuitively, I think we need more people. It’s as simple
as that."

When the
first Gulf War ended, the Department of Defense cashed in a peace
dividend from the end of the Cold War when it lowered the strength
of the U.S. Army active forces from 750,000 to 535,000 troops.
That cut was necessary, but then they cut more and in doing so,
reduced the Army’s active strength to 491,000 – too low for our
current requirements. Today, in addition to the 491,000 active-duty
Army soldiers, there are 550,000 members of the Reserve and National
Guard. In order to keep 370,000 of our soldiers deployed to more
than 100 countries, we have called to active duty an unprecedented
136,000 members of the Reserve and National Guard.

is an abundance of anecdotal evidence of the toll this overuse is
taking on our troops. Recently, I talked to family members of some
reserve units who have seen their loved ones deployed again and
again. They are proud of their service but made it clear that, when
their tour of duty is over, they will be hanging up their boots
and leaving the Reserve. This is not an isolated view. Many senior
members of our military have candidly expressed concerns that we
are asking our Reserves to deploy too often. They believe it may
hurt our efforts to recruit new reservists and retain the ones we

The Army recently
announced a sound plan to replace units in Iraq with a mix of active-duty
and reserve forces. When our units in Kosovo, Bosnia and the Sinai
Peninsula complete their six-month rotations, they will be replaced
with National Guard units. There is no question they can do the
job. But should they? This rotation plan only serves as a tacit
admission that we need more force structure. Our guard members and
reservists signed up to defend our nation in times of national emergency
and stand ready to do just that. They never expected to augment
the day-to-day missions of active-duty forces…. In the months
ahead, the Pentagon promises numerous studies to examine the impact
of answering the calls worldwide. But these studies are addressing
the symptoms and not the illness. …We must not balance the tempo
of how and when we use Reserve units on the backs of active-duty
units, and vice versa. We need more troops or fewer missions. Before
we lose too many trained and qualified reservists, I hope we address
the critical issue: Do we have enough Army and Marine active- duty
members for the post-September 11 era of national security? My view
is: We do not. (Source: Washington Times, August 20, 2003, Stretched
too thin, By Kay Bailey Hutchison: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
is chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Military
Construction and vice chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.)

Mr. Bill Clinton
has already proposed one thing for the future and Mr. Bush is likely
going to put it before Congress before his second term is up: He
would like to amend the Constitution so he can run for a third and
maybe a fourth term in office. But the other "solution"
to many of the problems outlined above at the beginning of this
piece can only be solved by one (today, pre-election year) unsavory
solution; after the election is won, it will be tabled and likely
passed overwhelmingly by both Houses under the "created crises"
of military deficiency. Not that our "military over-stretch"
is not one of the problems at all, and could be easily reversed
if we didn‘t have an imperial presidency leading an American-led
empire. But let us understand why this one signal "solution"
is going to be sold to the American people. Is it that, as Senator
McCain argued, "[We] cannot afford to lose this"? Is this
true at all? Of course it is not.

It is that
the one solution will solve all or most of the problems outlined
that the present regime faces; if not solve outright, ameliorate
to some extent most of them. That solution is the Selective Service,
the universal draft of all the youth between the ages of 17 and
32 years of age. Whether the use of a lottery system, or an outright
numerical count, the youth must be drafted according to the administration’s
Machiavellian authorities. It answers each problem in the following
way, taking each one in its specificity:

  1. American
    illiteracy increasing in youth; The MTV consumer culture has left
    us with an unprecedented level of illiteracy among the adult population
    and the youth in particular; nobody believes more education is
    what is needed, but where to put these people to "make"
    them productive can be answered: i.e., the United States Army,
    Marines, Air Force and Navy. A civilian kind of selective service
    may be harder to sell to the public but there are places in the
    military such as the Army Corp. of Engineers that can act as part
    of a civilian-type structure that can accomplish nation-building
    in both foreign and domestic contexts. As such, it will be construed
    to mean exactly this throughout the remainder of this piece: a
    civilian-type "Job-Corp." or "Peace-Corp."
    Whether selective service requires some to be placed in civilian
    structures or to accomplish the same but remain within the military
    structure is moot. Getting productivity out of the youth which
    today are highly unproductive for many reasons, illiteracy but
    one and the most significant, is the ultimate goal here. How they
    go about this is less relevant. That they will "go about
    this," is what remains important;
  2. unemployment
    increasing quarterly (especially minority youth); unemployment
    can be ameliorated most effectively by the universal draft;
  3. excessive
    college student enrollments (some remain in school 8 years); moving
    these off-campus and into productive work is here an easy answer
    to long-term stagnating productivity;
  4. student
    loans not repaid; given their new job prospects, garnishment of
    their wages returns unpaid debts to the government through confiscation;
  5. record personal
    bankruptcies; those losing-out in the marketplace find refuge
    and security in the military reducing the burden on the rest of
    the economy by those filing Chapter Elevens;
  6. record business
    bankruptcies (more unemployment); more business failures causes
    further unemployment;
  7. aging demographics
    (Social Security); as the American population becomes older, at
    some point in the very near term there will be more individuals
    not working, retired, drawing Social Security and other benefits
    that the new generation must be taxed so as to pay for the non-productive
    aging population; the draft puts these younger people on the payroll
    tax system most effectively;
  8. retirement
    accounts insufficient, savings eroded (interest rates at or near
    zero); interest rates must return to a significantly higher level
    for many reasons; just one is that those expecting to live on
    their savings and the interest off their capital saved are losing
    millions and having to go into their capital to live on. Interest
    rates must be increased if this cycle is to be broken — no matter
    that the cost might be a recession;
  9. foreign
    bond holdings disappearing (foreigners holding U.S. debt, etc.);
    interest rates must be returned to a higher level if foreign entities
    are expected to continue to buy the American debt as has been
    the norm for decades;
  10. Europeans
    & oil producers threatening to go to the Euro for oil purchases;
    that the dollar is under attack and in a potential free-fall crisis
    can only be resolved through higher interest rates, which will
    cause, if not another full recession or worse, it will certainly
    cause further unemployment prospects especially in the youth and
    minorities: See unemployment above;
  11. Europeans
    talking of the Euro as a global reserve currency; Europeans and
    others, especially in the oil producing nations, are arguing that
    the only way to offset American hegemonic ambitions is to strengthen
    the Euro agaisnt the dollar if not making the Euro the reserve
    currency of the world. Many American investors are already placing
    their wealth in the Euro/Dollar/Huan/and gold (25% in each) because
    of the Dollar’s critical status. This trend will continue
    unless interest rates are significantly increased;
  12. Social Security,
    Medicare, Medicaid out-year deficits; again, in the near future
    there will not be enough younger people working and covering this
    future single largest item in the governments’ debt (next
    to Defense) to pay the projected amounts; the youth must become
    part of the tax base through productive "mandatory"
    work. The draft accomplishes this;
  13. federal
    tax base eroding; same symptom as above but applies across the
    board for all services and appropriations at the federal and state
  14. further
    layoffs anticipated; the globalization process continues unabated;
    higher interest rates to solve other problems must take precedence,
    creating yet another round of unemployment;
  15. states in
    deficit fiscal crises; same as above only at a more localized
    level: expect property taxes to be reviewed and increased on an
    annual basis in all fifty states. Other arbitrary taxes (value-added,
    etc.) will be introduced and those existing raised;

  16. record personal
    debt; the American people will be restrained in their profligate
    consumer spending which has created the highest personal debt
    in history; most adult (and even rather young people) Americans
    are bankrupt already. See above;
  17. jobs, white
    collar and manufacturing going overseas; the process of globalization
    and U.S. corporations moving entire facilities overseas seeking
    lower wages and fewer employees’ benefits packages will accelerate
    rather than slow in the next ten years. U.S. military occupation
    of foreign countries and the attendant nation-building will, as
    well, accelerate, taking even more jobs overseas, but creating
    new openings in (for but one instance) the U.S. Army Corp. of
    Engineers. And many corporations such a Halliburton, Brown &
    Root will be hiring, but only into overseas expansion. The brain
    drain may seemingly mean more jobs domestically but for most at
    substantially lower wages. This job attrition will continue exacerbating
    unemployment figures further as well as the tax base;
  18. further
    mergers and acquisitions; globalization implies Corporatism which
    implies further concentration in every major industry; which implies
    a further attrition in the areas outlined above;
  19. further
    centralization of major industries; same as above;
  20. housing
    bubble; the absurd housing bubble, where prices have no relationship
    to real value, is concentrated in the western states, but the
    nation over, and must come to an end. Higher interest rates and
    further job losses through overseas brain drain and business failures
    can be expected;
  21. stock market
    speculation returning (bubble); Mr. Greenspan of the Fed, is keeping
    interest rates artificially low for political motivations. These
    motives must end sooner rather than later and the expectant rate
    hikes will bring about further corrections in the stock market,
    housing and further unemployment and worsening tax revenues;
  22. interest
    rates unrealistically low; same as above;
  23. U.S. federal
    deficit heading for record highs; The imperial vision of those
    now in power will not alter one bit (whether Democrats or Republicans
    control the government); the future is clear, and this administration,
    like no other, has ebraced this expansive point of view: Empire
    will expand, one way or another;
  24. the Fed
    increasing (record) money supply; the increasing money supply
    (the monetization of the federal debt) will continue unabated
    to pay for the expansion of Empire and its imperial war-making/nation-building;
  25. U.S. dollar
    in crisis; all the above has placed an ever increasing pressure
    on a detereorating value of the dollar. At some point America
    in the persons of the elite and Bush administration, will defend
    the dollar through interest rates and tax increases causing further
    layoffs and bankruptcies; a universal draft solves this problem
    by alleviating unemployment outcomes to prop-up the dollar (which
    the US empire must do "at any cost.");
  26. U.S. military
    engagements planned globally; there is no end in sight with the
    administration’s global view, using the war on terrorism,
    WMD, and other contrivances, the military footprint will grow
    exponentially in the decades to come. Therefore more troops needed;
  27. planned
    larger deployments (footprint) of U.S. Military; See my article
    on our website and a recent piece in Foreign Affairs Sept./October
    issue 2003;
  28. Army Reserves
    and National Guard deployments; already planned is the increased
    usage of the U.S. Army Reserves and National Guard; this is only
    a short term solution given the need and an election coming-up.
    Every time one deploys these organs there is a correspondence
    in unemployment and reduced tax revenues as those earning more
    than what they receive during their active duty phase is often
    quite considerable;
  29. Reserves
    and Guard recruitment off (resignations imminent); there is a
    massive decline in both organizations as nobody joins the reserves
    and guard "hoping to be deployed"; it is clear now to
    all, there is deployment in that future…. resignations and end
    of tour commitments are already taking place as those who can
    leave these units are quitting rather than see Iraq in their future;
  30. two or more
    intractable guerrilla wars in Middle East & Central Asia;
    both of these wars promise to draw down even more troops from
    the reserves and Guard until it is no longer feasible. The draft
    solves this problem first and foremost;
  31. recession
    or worse (deflation) anticipated by all knowledgeable observers;
    given each scenario above, or any combination of several, will
    bring about a correction in an entirely mismanaged economic system
    exacerbated by globalization and imperial burdens. A correction
    is a different way of saying everyone will face living within
    their means: "a day of reckoning" it is often called;
  32. present
    administration’s imperial perspective (neo-empire); since
    9/11 there has never been a clearer imperial vision put forward.
    That it is not new at all is now a moot point, that it is articulated
    means it will accelerate;
  33. and finally,
    the potential escalation of the drug war in Latin America (which
    is on the table presently though the other two AOs dominate the
    news). This last burden is a Bush family project decades old;
    it is being pursued in a full military deployment which one day
    may make Afghanistan seem mild. That it is "on our own borders"
    bodes ill for DEA and Border Patrol efforts to stem the tide.
    Want to end drug usage on the streets of America, draft them and
    place the burden of civil strife in the able hands of Military
    Justice: Military Justice is to Justice what Military Music
    is to Music.

there you have, albeit in short shrift as each section would require
a treatise. But one gets the point. There are only so many treatments
for the diseases needing cures. When one discovers one treatment
which has the potential of curing so many ailments the resident
physician does not belabor the point for long. The prescritption
which ameliorates so many infections is administered, although the
patients are told it is but for the one severe disruption: i.e.,
in this case, to save the troops under siege in a just and honorable
cause of liberty and justice. That the truth lies elsewhere, or
the lie elsewhere, matters not. The universal draft of a major proportion
of the youth, between the ages of 18 (17?) and 32 (36?) and covering
both males and females (equity and the women’s movement wins
yet another victory for equality) is that one universal magic bullet.
It is the only one thing, used in combination with other remedies,
which cures many of the Empire’s imperial ills. It has precedence,
purpose and support. It is not something "I personally"
would approve of, I am simply putting forward what "they must"
do. What will all those "true-believers," waving Chinese
made American flags, and wrapping yellow ribbons ‘round the
ole Oak tree…say? Being proper American patriots, proper parents
too, which support their president…they will send their children
off to war and many to their deaths and worse. They always have.

Craig B.
Hulet was both speech writer and Special Assistant for Special Projects
to Congressman Jack Metcalf (Retired); he has been a consultant
to federal law enforcement ATF&E of Justice/Homeland Security
for over 25 years; he has written four books on international relations
and philosophy, his latest is The
Hydra of Carnage: Bush’s Imperial War-making and the Rule of
Law – An Analysis of the Objectives and Delusions of Empire
Hulet served in Vietnam 1969–70, 101st Airborne, C Troop 2/17th
Air Cav and graduated 3rd in his class at Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Ordnance School MOS 45J20 Weapons. He remains a paid analyst and
consultant in various areas of geopolitical, business and security
issues: terrorism and military affairs. Hulet lives in the ancient
old-growth Quinault Rain Forest.

6, 2009

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