The Very Busy Politicians in Washington DC

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by Ron Paul: The
Fed Should Be MoreTransparent

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a faltering economy, multiple wars, and the approaching demise of
the dollar’s reserve status, there are more than enough problems
to keep politicians in Washington working day and night. In between
handing out cash for clunkers and nationalizing healthcare, the
administration is busy sending more troops overseas, escalating
existing wars, and seeking out excuses to start new wars. Congress
is working on “urgent” legislation to address crises like
healthcare reform and climate change. The reforms are so very urgent
that legislation must pass swiftly with no time to read the bills
even though the new laws wouldn’t take effect for several years!
Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is busy dealing with our dollar crisis
by printing up more dollars.

Yes, there
certainly is a lot for Washington to do these days. Most, if not
all, of what Washington is doing however, is more of what created
the problems in the first place. Capitol Hill is filled with politicians
running around putting out fires — but with gasoline. The truth
is that all these fires keep so many powerful people employed and
wealthy that it is not truly in many decision makers’ interests
to be very effective problem-solvers. If Washington ran out of problems,
think how many lobbyists would be out of a job, and how many special
interest groups would just disband? Sadly, whatever is bad for the
greater economy is good for the economy and job market in DC.

Of course,
no form of government, not even one that respected its Constitutional
restraints, would magically create a problem-free society. The question
is: how should a society deal with its problems? The form of government
that our founders envisioned, in which the federal government was
strictly constrained by the Constitution, allows private citizens
and communities to solve their own problems. The role of the government
should be to protect contracts, punish fraud and violence
through appropriate laws, law enforcement and the courts. Not a
whole lot of laws or bureaucrats are really necessary to work on
just that. Instead, new laws are constantly needed to fix the problems
that previous unconstitutional laws created. We have ended up with
an incomprehensible maze of laws and regulations that severely constrains
the people and expands the government — the exact opposite
of what our founders intended.

This is all
because the Constitution is treated like a suggestion manual instead
of the supreme law of the land. Under the Constitution, politicians’
hands are supposed to be tied in most of the areas they involve
themselves in today. But somewhere along the line, politicians stepped
out of Constitutional bounds and started pretending to solve our
problems for us. All we have to show for it is more problems.

Today, Washington
politicians can busily “solve” one problem, knowing that
unintended consequences from that “solution” will keep
them and their friends all very busy tomorrow. The people are ultimately
left suffocating under the burden of Washington’s helping hands.
It is coming to a point where our economy, our dollar, and indeed,
the rest of the world have had about all the help from Washington
that they can stand. The United States is headed the way of Rome
and the Soviet Union, for the same reasons, unless we reverse the

I continue
to hope that enough Americans will realize that the true strength
of our country doesn’t come from Washington, but rather the
limitations placed on government in the Constitution. We must resolve
to reverse the destructive course that we are on and then never
again let big government problem-solving take over our lives and
our country.

the Ron Paul File

26, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Best of Ron Paul

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