Ron Paul: Here Comes the BIG ONE

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by Ron Paul: Bombs
and Bribes

Ron Paul has
a bestseller. That sounds so nice I’ll say it twice. Ron Paul
has a bestseller. His new book, End
the Fed
, is number 30 on Amazon as this is written —
with 167 mostly glowing reviews — and his reception last week
on Jon
Stewart’s Daily Show
was hugely positive. Stewart, more-or-less
a left/libertarian, clearly sees Paul as one of the good guys, and
his audience seems to agree.

With all these
doors suddenly slamming open, it’s easy to forget that just
a couple of years ago Ron Paul was an obscure, eccentric Texas congressman
whose presidential run was met with a yawn in the mainstream media.
But when he stood up in the debates and made the case for limited
government, sound money, and adherence to the Constitution, he struck
a chord. It was clear (to libertarians at least) that he was telling
the truth and that the political hacks who were treating him like
a deranged uncle were the ones with the vision/character problem.

Paul didn’t
win many votes (though out here in Idaho he did get 24% in the Republican
primary) but he made an impression. And when pretty much everything
he warned us about came true — while virtually everything the
hacks of both parties said turned out to be disastrously wrong —
he even gained a bit of mainstream cred. So when he introduced HR
to audit the Fed, the response was at first respectful,
and then enthusiastic. Instead of instantly dismissing him, people
began asking their representatives why the Fed isn’t already
audited. This law might just pass, with unpredictable but almost
certainly amusing results.

But of course
auditing the Fed is just the beginning. Paul’s ultimate goal
is to eliminate the whole institution, along with other golems like
fiat currency and fractional reserve banking, and to reinstitute
sound, honest money and limited government.

For those new
to this subject, End the Fed is a clearly written primer
on how unsound money and expanding government have gradually become
the unquestioned conventional wisdom rather than the dangerous delusions
that they are. For more seasoned gold bugs the book provides some
interesting history, along with plenty of useful debate ammunition.

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8, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

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