Bombs and Bribes

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by Ron Paul: The
Real Reasons Behind FedSecrecy

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if tomorrow morning you woke up to headlines that yet another Chinese
drone bombing on US soil killed several dozen ranchers in a rural
community while they were sleeping? That a drone aircraft had come
across the Canadian border in the middle of the night and carried
out the latest of many attacks? What if it was claimed that many
of the victims harbored anti-Chinese sentiments, but most of the
dead were innocent women and children? And what if the Chinese administration,
in an effort to improve its public image in the US, had approved
an aid package to send funds to help with American roads and schools
and promote Chinese values here?

Most Americans
would not stand for it. Yet the above hypothetical events are similar
to what our government is doing in Pakistan. Last week, Congress
did approve an aid package for Pakistan for the stated purposes
of improving our image and promoting democracy. I again made the
point on the floor of the House that still no one seems to hear:
What if this happened on US soil? What if innocent Americans were
being killed in repeated drone attacks carried out by some foreign
force who was trying to fix our problems for us? Would sending money
help their image? If another nation committed this type of violence
and destruction on our homeland, would we be at all interested in
adopting their values?

Sadly, one
thing that has entirely escaped modern American foreign policy is
empathy. Without much humility or regard for human life, our foreign
policy has been reduced to alternately bribing and bombing other
nations, all with the stated goal of “promoting democracy.”
But if a country democratically elects a leader who is not sufficiently
pro-American, our government will refuse to recognize them, will
impose sanctions on them, and will possibly even support covert
efforts to remove them. Democracy is obviously not what we are interested
in. It is more likely that our government is interested in imposing
its will on other governments. This policy of endless intervention
in the affairs of others is very damaging to American liberty and

If we were
really interested in democracy, peace, prosperity and safety, we
would pursue more free trade with other countries. Free and abundant
trade is much more conducive to peace because it is generally bad
business to kill your customers. When one’s livelihood is on
the line, and the business agreements are mutually beneficial, it
is in everyone’s best interests to maintain cooperative and
friendly relations and not kill each other. But instead, to force
other countries to bend to our will, we impose trade barriers and
sanctions. If our government really wanted to promote freedom, Americans
would be free to travel and trade with whoever they wished. And,
if we would simply look at our own policies around the world through
the eyes of others, we would understand how these actions make us
more targeted and therefore less safe from terrorism. The only answer
is get back to free trade with all and entangling alliances with
none. It is our bombs and sanctions and condescending aid packages
that isolate us.

the Ron Paul File

7, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

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