How To Look Good and Feel Good Start by Changing a Few Simple Things

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Youth is wasted on the young. Adults are the ones who need “youth”
and search for things to make them feel and look young again.

You probably already know that there is no magical fountain of
youth that comes in a pill form. There are some things that are
more important than just pills and crèmes to help people
feel and look good.

One the first is to look at your diet. Are you eating junk food,
highly processed food, and foods made with white sugar and white
flour? If so, switch to something more natural.

Also, choose low glycemic index foods. The most prevalent health
problem in America today is faulty glucose metabolism and you do
not have to be diabetic to have it.

High blood sugar and insulin resistance cause significant damage
to the cells in the body and impair the ability of certain organs
and glands to function properly. Symptoms of problems with glucose
metabolism include heart disease, high blood levels of triglycerides,
atherosclerosis, cataracts and neuropathy.

Another dietary problem that causes aches and pains of aging is
food sensitivities. Many of the foods we eat frequently cause inflammation
in the body which over time is linked to many disease conditions.
The most common food allergens include white flour, white sugar,
white potatoes, orange juice, coffee and soy. If you consume any
of these frequently, take a food vacation and see if you don’t
feel better (after you get through symptoms of withdrawal.)

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17, 2009

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