Detox Your Body Now Obesity and a Host of Other Nasty Health Problems May be Caused or Exacerbated by Toxins in Food

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is a basic natural health solution. It is particularly important
in this day and age when toxic chemicals are in our homes, our food,
our air and our water.

A toxin is
a substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects to the
body. Toxins tend to overwhelm our bodies and undermine our health
over time. Signs of toxicity include lack of energy, forgetfulness,
insomnia, digestive problems, arthritis and other joint related
problems, bad breath or offensive body odor, acne, allergies, colitis,
lower back pain, depression, neurological problems, etc.

There are currently
80,000 chemicals that are licensed for commercial use, with approximately
2,000 new chemical compounds being introduced each year. What most
of us fail to realize is how and where these toxins are used. Many
of these chemicals are in products we are exposed to every day.
Much of our food contains chemicals that do not have to be disclosed.

The Sinatra
Health Report published a list of 20 toxins found in everyday life
which are as follows: insecticides, prescription drugs, alcohol,
air pollution, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde from carpets and processed
wood, soft drinks made with phosphoric acid, trans fats in many
prepared foods, char-broiled meats, hair dyes, cosmetics and other
personal products, petrochemicals, heavy metals, nitrates found
mainly in processed meats, radon, gasoline, chlorine, mercury contaminated
fish, industrial chemicals in home cleaning fluids, and phtalates
from plastics.

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10, 2009

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