CAUTION: Stock Market Collapse Dead Ahead Say Faber, Rogers, Dent and Celente

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After a massive
upswing in US stocks over the last six months, the recent rally
may finally be coming to an end. It seems that the trend of rising
stocks on bad or better than expected news may be in a reversal,
as evidenced by market participants’ caution over the last
couple of weeks. For those that follow contrarian investors like
Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Gerald Celente and Harry Dent, this should
come as no surprise.

Marc Faber,
publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report, advised
his subscribers
and followers to take positions in US tech stocks,
the banking sector and hard assets at the bottom of the markets
in early March of 2006. However, he did provide a word of caution
on March
16, 2009
, making it known that while he was a short-term bull
on stocks, that eventually, the economic fundamentals would catch

a total collapse in the second half of the year when it becomes
clear that the economy is a total disaster.”

As recently
as September
, on Delhi TV, he made another call, essentially telling
investors to get out:

“I believe
in the next 10 days to two weeks we’ll get big moves in markets.
And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dollar would for a change
strengthen and equity markets would correct and possibly quite
meaningfully so.”

Gerald Celente,
Trends Research forecaster and contrarian thinker, advised listeners
of the Jeff Rense show on September 23rd to look out below, calling
it the Christmas Crash. He believes that the next collapse will
come quickly, sometime this Fall, but as late as January
or February of 2010

going to really be an ugly scene. We are really encouraging people
now to take pro-active measures and prepare for the worst. Don’t
spend an extra dime.”

Jim Rogers,
who is well known for making millions during the recession and commodities
boom of the 1970’s, is also hesitant about acquiring more equities.
He is an avid US Dollar bear, but in an interview on September 30th,
he turned bullish on the dollar in the short term. His advice?

am not buying shares anywhere in the world as we speak.”

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5, 2009

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