The Fear-Mongering Pandemic!

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All the talk
of pandemics that can only be solved by government intervention
has me in a rage. I am literally sick of the fear-mongering rhetoric
spewed by everyone from government officials to the mainstream media,
advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies, and the World Health
Organization about false threats. The real threat to us all lies
in our acceptance of fear, and in our acceptance of a false prophet
as savior. What is at stake here is not a threat from disease or
other disasters, but a threat to what's left of our precious liberty
due to the government's fear-mongering about false "pandemics."

Imagine an
entire nation cringing in fear of the H1N1 virus; a virus that will
most likely be less troublesome than the every year common flu.
In the midst of an economic collapse, a total destruction of our
money, unending aggressive and murderous wars, an ever-growing police
state, the elimination of common and inherent rights, government
takeover of private companies; this only a sampling of what is currently
going on, why in the world has fear over the flu taken the place
of sanity?

This article
is not meant to describe or analyze the very real and adverse health
consequences or the scientific nature of the flu vaccines. Those
like Bill
and Donald
W. Miller
and others at
are much more knowledgeable than I am about this subject, and have
done wonderful work in exposing the dangers and health risks of
vaccinations. My intent here is to expose the purposeful fear tactics
practiced by our own government; tactics that allow for more destruction
of our liberty. The latest just happens to be fear-mongering about
the swine flu.

The problem
here is much larger than it appears. It is a fear-mongering campaign
by the federal government, supported by advocacy groups, the impotent
and politically-controlled media, state and local politicians and
of course all those companies that stand to profit from these manufactured
catastrophes. The objective is to affect nationwide scares that
will allow for a larger and more ominous role by government. This
is not accidental but by design. Those naïve enough to believe
otherwise will be the first ones to acquiesce to government force.
They will be the first ones to get in line to get their government-mandated
flu shots. They will be the first to call for more war. They will
be the first to call for more government intervention in all aspects
of life.

What are we
currently to be afraid of according to government and other self-interested
parties? Obviously, as I mentioned above, the H1N1 flu virus is
supposedly "so dangerous" and "so deadly" that
many in this country may be forced by the state to take the vaccine.
For the "good of society" and due to the hype, many will
do so voluntarily, but many others may not have a choice. Already,
some states are making swine flu vaccinations mandatory for many.
Even full quarantine for non-compliance has been threatened. This
is a multi-billion dollar business, and much scrutiny should be
practiced when the same people advocating massive vaccinations stand
to profit greatly from them; either by gaining more control of the
populace, as is the case for government, or by reaping massive monetary
rewards, as is the case for pharmaceutical companies. Actually,
drug companies donate a lot of money to politicians, and they expect
and do gain favors for that support. This corruption always ends
with the same results; more adverse health consequences and less
savings in our pockets.

We are also
told to be very afraid of Iran because of the possibility that they
may be attempting to produce a nuclear weapon. This, of course,
was the same lie told about Iraq. Even U.S. intelligence services
have said that Iran is not producing nuclear weapons so why, given
that the U.S. has more nukes than all others combined, is this so
important? Iran has not attacked any country in hundreds of years,
but those threatening Iran, mainly the U.S. and Israel, have continually
and aggressively attacked other countries. The U.S., with its two
separate occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, has Iran virtually
surrounded. Should the U.S. be fearful of Iran or should it be the
other way around? I think the latter is more plausible.

We are told
to be very afraid of terrorism. Why? Why would terrorists want to
harm Americans? Is it because they hate our freedom, as Bush claimed,
or is it because of constant and long-standing (since at least 1953)
U.S. interference in the Middle East; interference that has left
hundreds of thousands (or more) of innocents dead, millions displaced,
and entire infrastructures destroyed? Is it due to decades of U.S.
government support of brutal dictators in that region? Is it because
the U.S. military has bases all over that region and much of the
rest of the world, and is still expanding its empire? Is it because
of brutal sanctions, sanctions that are literally acts of war against
those affected? If the U.S. government brought all troops home,
lifted all sanctions, closed all overseas bases, and stopped interfering
in other countries business, would terrorism even be a threat? I
don't think so; at least not in the long term.

We are told
to be afraid of failing and bankrupt companies, and that if they
are allowed to fail, we all will suffer. Then the government
bails them out at our expense.

We are told
to be afraid of immigrants willing to work, and those wanting to
hire them.

We are told
to be afraid of China and all the low-priced products it produces.

I could go
on but I think you get the picture. Should we really be afraid of
any of these things? Probably not, but we should be very afraid
of the perpetrator of this fear-mongering campaign; our own government.

by government has but one objective: That is to expand the power
of the state over the individual. Over time, mainly due to the government
indoctrination centers, (the public school system) this country
has become a place that lives and breathes in the collective. It
is all about the public good or the good of society. This thinking
in effect has destroyed the sanctity of the individual. This is
the major problem facing us, for as long as the "good of society"
trumps the rights of the individual, we are doomed to a socialistic
existence, which simply means freedom be damned! This entire fear-mongering
campaign by government is intentional, is propaganda driven, and
depends fully on the cooperation of the masses. This is why real
dissent and individualism is forcibly squelched by the state at
every opportunity, and why examples are made of those who buck the

While I have
become more hopeful these past few weeks, still the majority in
this country are simply a collective herd of sheep. They are for
the most part fully dependent on the government apparatus for their
very existence. Most consider themselves only a cog in the wheel
of society, and stand in perpetual fear of non-existent monsters.
They have given up their individual freedom for protection and support
by the state. Only a return to individualism and self-reliance can
allow us to escape this serf-like malaise. Without this change in
thinking, the fear-mongering state will get what it desires, while
the people will get what they deserve.

28, 2009

D. Barnett [send him mail]
is president of Barnett Financial Services, Inc., in Lewistown,

Best of Gary D. Barnett

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