Another Reason Not To Retire Work Is Good for Your Health

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Ground down
by the daily grind? Dreaming of the day when you can give it all
up for a life of leisure, long holidays and pottering about in the

Well, researchers
have some bad news for you. Workers who drop everything at retirement
age are at greater risk of heart attacks, cancer and other major
diseases than those who ease their way into old age by taking a
part-time job.

As well as
boosting their bank balance, people who carry on working part time
in jobs related to their previous career also fare better mentally
than those who retire fully.

The study confirms
the long-held view that those whose working lives end abruptly at
retirement can die soon afterwards.

Study leader
Dr Mo Wang called on employers to help staff make the transition
from working to retirement by offering ‘bridge employment’.

‘Given the
economic-recession, we will probably see more people considering
post-retirement employment,’ said Dr Wang. ‘These findings highlight
bridge employment’s potential benefits.’

The researchers
looked at data from more than 12,000 taking part in a health and
retirement study, run by the U.S. National Institute on Ageing.

The volunteers,
who were aged between 51 and 61 at the start of the study, were
interviewed every two years over a six-year period starting in 1992
about their health, money, employment history and work or retirement.
Their average retirement age was 58.

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21, 2009

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