A Note from Charles Goyette

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October 29, my new book, The
Dollar Meltdown: Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis with Gold,
Oil, and Other Unconventional Investments
, arrived in bookstores.
It describes the next and most difficult phase of America’s financial
turmoil – the coming currency crisis. But more than that, it
outlines simple steps to protect yourself and your family. Congressman
Ron Paul calls The Dollar Meltdown "truly a must read."

The Dollar Meltdown you’ll find out:

  • How
    the price of gold moves higher with each increase in the U.S.
    national debt ceiling.
    (The lid on the national debt was
    raised an astonishing 7 times in the Bush years and once already
    in Obama’s presidency. And another debt ceiling hike is
    right around the corner!)

  • How
    the short frenzy of bailouts, stimulus spending and government
    guarantees, quickly grew to more than the entire U.S. federal
    (And why they lit the fuse for The Dollar Meltdown!)

  • Why
    Federal Reserve chairmen Greenspan and Bernanke failed to foresee
    the growing financial crisis – even as they added fuel
    to its fires!
    (And why the more-of-the-same policies spell
    an even bigger calamity than the one we’re living through!)

  • How
    the visible national debt of $12 trillion is dwarfed by America’s
    real, but hidden, national debt of almost $100 trillion!

    (Like an iceberg, most of the nation’s debt is hidden from
    view. And like the Titanic, the ship of state can’t be
    turned in time to avoid a financial collision.)

  • What
    your share of the hidden national debt is: For a family of four
    it’s about $1.3 million.
    (Since America’s median
    household income is only $50,000, you see why there is no prospect
    of the debt ever being paid.)

  • About
    the sleight-of-hand by which the Federal Reserve creates money
    out of thin air!
    (And why they do it!)

  • How
    the Adjusted Monetary Base has exploded as the Federal Reserve
    revs up the engines of inflation.
    (And like a race car revving
    up at the starting line, what happens when the clutch is popped!)

  • About
    America’s growing “command economy” and the three
    things that accompany an out-of-control debt-driven monetary
    (Price controls, rationing, and intrusive bureaucracies.)

  • What
    Persian Gulf oil producers and other countries are doing to
    prepare for the dollar meltdown.
    (And the similar steps
    you can take to protect yourself and your family!)

  • Why
    energy independence – promised by every president from
    Nixon to Obama – is a costly myth!
    (And why China gave
    up that myth to secure its energy future.)

  • Why
    a growing global population and billions of new capitalists
    will make agriculture and natural resources the investment safe
    havens of the future.
    (And discover simple strategies that
    allow you to participate without the leverage risk, margin calls
    and emotional toll that these opportunities used to demand.)

But most importantly,
Dollar Meltdown
was written to help you avoid being victimized
by decades of governmental irresponsibility. Investor Peter Schiff
calls The Dollar Meltdown "a sensible plan to protect
your wealth." And he adds this warning: "Don’t wait for
the dollar to melt down – protect your assets before they melt
down with it."

The U.S. Dollar
is in trouble. A currency crisis is not a pleasant event. I hope
you will enjoy the book and profit from it.

30, 2009

Charles Goyette [send
him mail
] is the author of the upcoming book, The
Dollar Meltdown

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