We Can End the Fed

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by Ron Paul: More
Government Won’t Help

What unprecedented
anti-Fed days these have been! We had our Audit the Fed Congressional
hearing, in which the central bank — for the first time in
96 years — was put on the defensive. End
the Fed
was chosen as a Main Selection of the Conservative
Book Club; this book, the first anti-central banking bestseller
in American history, debuted at #2 on Amazon.com and #6 on the New
York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

End The
Fed — which the Mises Institute’s Lew Rockwell calls “readable
and persuasive beyond belief” — can climb up the NYT
and WSJ lists week by week, eventually reaching #1, if you
help me. Please, buy a copy. Buy one for a friend or family member.
Spread the word. One businessman bought copies for all his 23 employees.
Others have given them to students, a favorite use of mine.

Since 1913,
the Fed has had it all its own way: booms and busts, dollar depreciation,
redistribution to the government and the big banks from the middle
and working classes. But just as Andrew Jackson abolished the predecessor
of the Fed, we too can knock over this dangerous institution. End
The Fed teaches all the fascinating history, and tells us what
we can do for the future. It gives the constitutional, economic,
moral, and libertarian arguments against what Jackson called "the

Ever seen the
Fed’s marble palace in Washington, DC, on Constitution Avenue
(of all streets!)? That bunch sure knows how to live. I’ve
long had a dream of being the auctioneer when the Fed is sold off
for private offices, or maybe a Museum of Sound Money! Help me dull
its scissors and then break them, so the Fed can’t cut down
our dollar’s value. Indeed, I believe that people ought to
be ashamed to work at such a place; an institution that has done
so much damage to American prosperity and freedom, as well as to
the freedom and prosperity of the whole world. For example, I want
no more bowing and scraping to the Fed chairman when he goes to
Capitol Hill to peddle his nonsense. He is just a bureaucrat, albeit
a disastrous one.

Together, you
and I can change things. Indeed, we must. Buy End
The Fed
. Get copies for those you love. Certainly get copies
for those who disagree with us. For all our futures, nothing is
as important as cutting the Fed down to size. Join me: let’s
End the Fed.

the Ron Paul File

28, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

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